Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goal Update

So far we're doing okay with our weight goal. We've had a few set backs already, but all in all we're coming out of it well! We started off the week great, then Tuesday Sam and Chris came to visit for the day. Actually, I usually go to the gym during Pixie's morning nap, but Scott went with Stephen up to the Lake House to get his truck that broke down there months ago. Anyway, I didn't get to go to the gym that day and we went out to eat. I didn't eat any desserts and we still stayed within our daily calorie limits! Hooray!
Wednesday Scott didn't work out because..he's lazy? :) Stephen wasn't feeling well and I guess Scott didn't want to go alone. I worked out though! I beat my record too, I burned 580 calories in an hour (with a 5 minute cool down).
Last night was our first RS book club meeting. I picked Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell for this month. Only two people came because of sickness, one hadn't ever read it and the other did a long time ago. Haha, so it wasn't a huge discussion! I did bring a treat for it, I decided to make a dish inspired by the theme of the book. I don't cook with fish and making sushi rolls would be too expensive and time consuming (besides I didn't get the idea until it was too late!), so I made a pineapple crisp. It was pretty low in fat too, only 240 a serving, and it was good.
So far I've stayed in my calorie limit and this morning I was 2lbs lighter than when we started on Sunday morning. Time will tell if it's water weight or not!
Scott is at the gym as we speak and Pixie just went down for a nap. I looked outside and all of the sudden it went from a snow blizzard. AH! I can't believe it was 68 on Monday. Oh well, I think I'll work out from home today!


Denita said...

That's so great! I'm glad you are doing well! I started exercising, but I'm not doing as well with the sweets thing. I'm a sweets nut! I am rooting for you!

Rebecca said...

I'm so proud of you! Great work!