Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pixie is Two!

My baby is two! Pixie's birthday was Saturday. I can't believe how much has changed in the last two years. Pixie is so much easier to take care of now. She handles strangers and crowds better and sleeps through the night usually. She is speaking so much that sometimes it's difficult for Scott and I to carry on a conversation, she loves to sing, and recently has found a burst of energy which comes in the form of running around screaming and jumping. Pixie loves Tinker Bell (fitting, eh?). She loves to pretend play with her dolls and felt food. She still is an amazingly healthy eater, in spite of the fact that she's starting to develop her independence like a toddler does.

We had a party at the park Saturday morning and ate lunch there too. I decided at the last minute to make Pixie's cake into a teapot. I didn't have powdered sugar, so I tried to create my own. It didn't work too well and it was grainy, but I don't like icing anyway! I made a bunch of cupcakes and a dark chocolate ganache to go on them. They were amazing. I had cupcakes from a "gourmet" bakery later on that day that weren't nearly as good as mine!
I won this birthday shirt last year and it fit her perfectly!

Scott's Grandma Janet and Grandpa Jay

Our wonderful neighbors, Mark and Kim.

Our friend, Kara, from church and her little girl. They are moving and we are sad!
Becca and her family

Proof that Pixie finally let her uncle hold her!

Scott and Stephen. Doesn't Scott look so young without his goatee? I miss it, but I'm kinda getting used to it.
Scott's cousins and aunt was there...
Here everyone is playing ring around the rosey.

Cake and presents time! She got so many presents. So many! I found some things at thrift stores and such, so I got her a lot too. I found a $45 dollar brand new Gotz doll for $3!
My mom came and was taking pictures at this point. I didn't get one with her in it. :(
Can you guess that this gift was from Daddy?
Pixie had so much fun. It was unusual for me to go somewhere and not have her wanting me to hold her every second. She ran off and played with the other kids for almost the whole time! She was so tired by the end of it. Scott took her home and got her down for a nap while I rushed over to my sister-in-law's baby shower. It was a good day!

Some Things

These are just some odds and ends that I have been meaning to blog about.
First, I won a giveaway from Forever and a Day. Selissa makes awesome custom crochet items. This is what we won and we love them. Thanks, Selissa!

Garage sale season is upon us! I've been wanting the Frog Pod from Boon, but did not want to spend $25-30 on a bath toy holder. I found it at a garage sale for $1! I also found a Pampered Chef bamboo knife block for my knives, brand new. Wahoo! But that was not a $1. :(
Here is the frog pod sitting pretty in our shower. Btw, Scott replaced the shower surround on a whim. The old one was a nasty yellowed beast and we've hated it ever since we first saw the house.

I thought this was kinda funny. Our dog ripped our front door screen...again...and I found a tennis ball stuck between the screen and the door. I'm not for sure if it was Nova or Pixie, but oddly enough, my bet is on the dog. She's done stuff like this before!
 Speaking of dogs, Perrin is becoming mostly an outside dog. I bring him in at night and sometimes during the day to eat or if it's hot out. We bought a shock collar for him. I didn't want to at first, but I was so sick of him barking at our poor neighbors. It was to the point of trying a shock collar or getting rid of him. It was worked wonderfully! I think he's only been shocked mildly once and now stops if he hears the beep. It beeps first until they keep barking. Nova was setting it off when they played though, so I had to put it on her so she'd know what the beep meant. Perfect opportunity was when the Parents as Teachers lady came this morning. Nova doesn't bark when she's outside normally, but we have to put her on a chain if we don't want her to dig out. This makes her bark at us to let her off of it and if there is someone visiting, it is worse. So, I put it on her. I heard her bark, keep barking, then squeal. She then would freak out and scream every time she just heard the beep. She is such a pansy inside dog. She screamed when the other dog just touched her. I guess she's not a good candidate for it, but I am glad she knows what the beep means now! I kinda feel bad for doing that to her...kinda. Here is Perrin lounging on our hammock in the back yard. He loves it out there.

The weather has been so nice that we've been going to the park a lot. Pixie has gotten pretty brave on the medium sized slides. Here are some pictures of our first visit with daddy of the season.

And lastly, Pixie loves wearing hats. I find her like this at random times throughout the day.

Easter and Pixie's New Room Pictures

I haven't gotten around to post pictures from Easter weekend. It was a busy one! We worked madly on Pixie's room downstairs and got it finished the night before Easter. We also made a mad dash up to the lake house to haul our bed back so I could have a bed a few nights early. We made it back just in time to throw it in and for Scott to leave for work. This is the almost finished product. We still need to cut a hole for the heater vent and put molding around the door. The hallway and stairs still need to be finished as well, but Scott's been working on the lake house again lately.

Pixie's new room.

You  have to see how the basement was before to appreciate this. The beams were all uneven, there was a lot of work that went into the walls and ceiling! It stays so cool down there. Last night I put her to bed and it was 67 degrees down there, while it was 84 upstairs!

I have to decorate it still. Those projects are coming soon...

She loves  her room!

Easter basket!
 We went down to wake her up (she sleeps awesomely well in her room!) to give her the basket

 For our Easter breakfast I made poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, asparagus, and biscuits. Pixie ate about a dozen asparagus spears. She wouldn't touch the hollandaise.

We then went to church for the first session of General Conference. Just to feel like we've been to church and to wear our Easter outfits! I actually won this dress from Kuki Kids last year.

We had a nice Easter morning, then daddy went to work at 3pm. We went to Becca's house for dinner and had a nice time with them. The end.