Monday, September 27, 2010

The Chocolate Tantrum

A few days ago Pixie asked for chocolate while I was making lunch, I said no. How horrible of me! She started throwing a fit, spreading toys and stuff everywhere, then she plopped down in the middle of it and well...this is what happened! I missed the first few minutes, which were hilarious!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A change of pace? Yes, please!

I know I've been missing from the blog scene this summer. I hate writing when I don't feel uplifted. Making myself find the silver lining in life, in writing, isn't my thing. I would rather deal with it, then look back and say "I'm pleased with how I handled that, and I'm so glad it's over!".
Late Spring into Summer was filled with the flooding of all three of our properties. Our basement flooded multiple times, just after we finished Pixie's room down there. We were able to fix the gutters a while later, but it set us back a lot. We had to rip out the lower part of the newly painted drywall. It is still unfinished today. Some good news on this house though, the leaks associated with the roof are contributing to our insurance giving us a new roof! That will be done in the next little while. The other properties have started to take care of themselves, either through insurance or us listing them to sell. We're not sure if we are going to sell the lake house, but we are taking offers right now.

I enjoyed a calling as the 1st Counselor in Young Women for 4 months this year. It was my favorite calling by far. I even got to go to most of Girls Camp and a day of Youth Conference. I developed a relationship with some of the girls that has carried over, even after being released. I am still asked to be a part of activities, when they need volunteers. I  am now the 1st Counselor in Primary. It is a pleasant calling, even though I wasn't sure it would be, but it's turning out to be a fine place to be.

Our city in which we live has lost it's appeal for me. Due to changes in the social dynamic in our ward and area. Dear families have  moved out, and less desirable people have gathered to the area. I have been hoping for a change for a while now, and now I am all but hanging on to that hope. The FAA process for air traffic control is finally moving forward. Scott submitted his geographical preferences the beginning of this month, and we are hoping they are going to address his group at the mid October panels. We nearly put MO as our second choice, but I said that we could not do that, with my family here it had to be first. We chose NC as our second state and now we wait. If we don't get a rejection letter by Thanksgiving, there is a good chance Scott will be offered a tentative offer. There are also panels happening in March. The government sure does take it's time! The hiring chances right now are reportedly slim, so we're not holding our breath on this one.

The alternative to this job is that Scott would get in touch with real estate appraisers in the area. This is something he would really enjoy doing, but you need a sponsor to do it. I have been applying to entry level financial positions for him, just in case something did come up. There has been a loop of dialogue running in my head that says "we have to get out, we have to get out". Out of this city, out of this job...I don't know if it's just me, or something is going to change. I need it to change!

Our SUV bit the dust last month. With Scott's work schedule, I am without a car from Sunday until Wednesday. It has not been good for us. Pixie and I go bonkers. We are almost ready to be able to find another vehicle. That should be fun, after all the researching we've been doing. We have to get an AWD or 4x4 for Scott to get to work in the winter. They don't just shut down these places! I am dreading the winter. I do not want a repeat of last year. Seasonal depression is a horrid thing. I wish we could move to NC now....and take my family with me. There are so many fun things to do out there. This area is so...lacking in anything I find amusing.

After a very trying week, and a good long month, it's safe to say that Pixie is toilet learned. She has gone for weeks without accidents, and then had a couple in the last week, but that's to be expected. She also does well about 2/3 of the time at night. Naps are almost always dry too. It is very nice and strange at the same time. Strange to have one child...a 'kid'...and not a baby. We've been wanting to take her to somewhere she'll appreciate more now, like the zoo. It hasn't worked out so far with our schedules and sicknesses, but I'm hoping we can do that before the weather takes a turn to the bitter cold. In spite of my fear of the winter weather, Christmas should be a fun one this year. Pixie is old enough to really get in on the festivities, and very much knows what presents are. That is one thing I am really looking forward to.

And that is what we have been up to, for the most part. Maybe Autumn will bring a more relaxing, fun, and exciting season for us!