Monday, September 29, 2008

The Dentist...dun dun dun...

I haven't been to the dentist for about 5 years because I haven't had the money or insurance. Anyway, I have been wanting to go (I'd rather go to the dentist over the optometrist any day) and today was my appointment!
I was so worried I would have a ton of cavities, especially since I couldn't brush very well while I had all that morning sickness, but I am clean! Wahoo! I also only have one wisdom tooth (no jokes there please!) and it probably won't be a problem for me even if it does end up coming in.
I am so happy! I should take a shower so I'll be squeaky clean inside and out!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 Things

Kizzie tagged me:

3 Joys :

-People close to me

-My home

-Playing with Pixie, especially when I make her laugh.

3 Fears:

-Failure. Failure at life and everything...etc.

-That I'll never be skinny again!

-That I'll decide I made a mistake becoming a mother after having multiple children and seriously wanting to run away forever!

3 Obsessions :

-These 100 calorie Fit & Active pudding cups. Yum.

-Wearing matching clothes. Even if it's to bed.

-Scott. Trying to spend every minute with him that I have.

3 Surprising Facts About Me :

-I have on a few occasions (before I got married), put makeup on at night before I went to bed to feel pretty and human.

-I can stick my legs straight out while sitting and put the bottoms of my feet completely together mirroring each other.

-I'm a darn good cook. :) I threw a shepherd's pie together tonight and it was SO savory and tasty.

3 People I tag:




Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Sleep Talking...and Walking

After Kizzie posted her story about Andy sleep talking, I thought I'd share our version!
I hear from Scott's family that he used to sleep walk and he said that his missionary companions told him that he would teach gospel lessons in Portuguese in his sleep on his mission.
There have been a few incidents recently. Sometimes I wake up to him talking and try to remember what he says the next morning or I wake up to find his arm in the air while his finger is poking his eye...he's probably dreaming about putting in his contacts. Many a night I wake up to put his arm down before it comes crashing on my face or Pixie's if she's in bed with us.
A while ago I awoke to find Scott out on the recliner, sleeping. Somehow he got it in his head that I didn't want him in bed and he went out in the living room to sleep. Only about 3 weeks ago I woke up to him getting out of bed again. I asked him where he was going and he bent down to look at my face in a weird way, so I knew he was asleep. The next thing he did was hilarious. He started to pet our headboard and look all around him. I asked him what he was doing and he said "looking for something". Of course I asked him what and I can't remember exactly what he said, maybe health or something, but I figured out from what he said that he was dreaming he was playing in one of his Xbox games.
Aren't sleep walking/talking husband funny? Unless you're my Mom. My Dad doesn't do it very often, but he did kick her repeatedly once while he was dreaming he was fighting someone.
My brother talked in his sleep for 45 minutes once when he was about 8 or 9. I awoke to him singing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and my family all gathered around his bed listening to him. It was kind of creepy because he was having one sided conversations with people and singing. We finally had to wake him up when he started going after everyone's feet and was convinced my Mom was something from his dream.

Nap Time

I just put Pixie down for her morning nap and Scott said he had to use the restroom."No, you can't! She's not asleep yet. She'll see you. You have to crawl." I snickered as I watched my husband slink on his hands and knees past the crib. Hehe...that was worth it even if he didn't have to crawl.
To get to our bathroom you have to go through the bedroom and we only have one bedroom.
We have to be really quiet when she's asleep. I have to leave the bathroom door open because it creaks and I can't do dishes really because you can hear everything from there through the bathroom and Pixie is a light sleeper.
Can't vacuum, put away laundry, make my bed, clean my room or the bathroom,
take a shower, run the hair dryer, or even flush the toilet.
Isn't nap time when you're supposed to get all your work done?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pixie 4-5 Months

Taking a Sunday nap with Daddy.

Sporting a practice cloth diaper from Aunt Amy.

Always playing with her feet. This was the first time I let her play in just her diaper...and only for a few minutes. I can't leave my baby naked! There's my foot.

I love this's too cute when she sucks on her bottom lip.

Love, love, love this picture.

We were looking out the window at the pouring rain when she noticed I was taking pictures of her. This is her "mommy, what are you doing?" face.

Chillin' with Nova.

It's so cute how Nova just hangs out with her. I just can't let her step, jump, or roll on her.

What an adorable summer baby!

Geez...reading already. You would think she was Rebecca's daughter.

Saying Goodbye

I had to say goodbye to my Sammy. It's so sad!
Friday Scott, Pixie, and I went to Zona Rosa to meet Sam, Danny, and Kelly for dinner and to say goodbye to Sam before her big journey to tackle West Hollywood on her own.
Thank goodness I planned to be down there 30 minutes early because we ended up getting into two traffic jams. One because of an accident for 10 minutes, the second because of road work that wasn't being worked on for 30 minutes. All before Platte City! And it was raining cats and dogs. In fact, it's been raining cats and dogs for pretty much over a week now. I can still say though that my prior post about rainy days still holds true, but I have resisted the urge to eat cookies and watch movies every day.

We finally got to Zona Rosa only 15 minutes late. Pixie had been screaming for a while when we were in the jam because she was bored, then fell asleep 10 minutes before we got there. Why does that always happen? We had a nice dinner and then we parted ways for about 30 minutes while Sam and Danny checked out Kelly's new place before he had to be at work.
Scott and I walked along in the pouring rain with our little umbrellas. I really want a giant umbrella...I would probably have to get super skinny for this one to keep all the rain off of me.
We ducked into BabyGap just as sirens went off for tornadoes! There was this lady in the store that couldn't understand why there could be tornadoes in the rain and that it was too cold for it and all...I tried to tell her that we were in the midwest and it didn't matter, that we can get all crazy weather coming from all directions, but she just got huffy and upset! She kept saying "Yes it does matter! You need to have heat! Yes, it does matter!" as she walked off. It was pretty funny. I guess she didn't understand that it's more of a thermal thing. Plus, it wasn't cold anyway, it was muggy. We walked around and I drooled over the adorable baby clothes.
Really, Pixie was the one doing the actual drooling, but I was mentally drooling.
We waited for the rain to die down. It didn't. So when Sam notified us that she was back, I took Pixie and braved the rain while Scott crossed the street to go to Game Stop first.
We went to Latte Land and all four of us split a wedding cake cookie and another kind of cookie. Boy, it was yummy. We hung out there for a little while and then parted ways.
It was pretty quiet on the way home.
I miss you already, Sam! Good luck!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Labor Day at the Lake

Labor Day was nice and relaxing. We went up to the lake house at after church on Sunday and just our little family was there from Monday afternoon until we went home on Tuesday afternoon. Pixie decided to take 2-2 1/2 hour naps on Monday and went to bed and stayed asleep for a long time! Maybe it was all the fresh air. After Pixie went to sleep, Scott and I left the door open and had a campfire. It was nice.

Scott won't let me post pictures of the lake house on here until Grandma Maridee comes out and sees it for herself. So, I had to crop the pictures. This is the view from our back yard. It's on an inlet of the lake and there is as preservation across the way.

Aww...look at my cabbage patch baby!

Nova had tons of fun exploring. This is here down by the waterfront.

I hadn't showered the whole time we were there. Icky. This is my idea of camping!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Rainy Day

Today is a rainy day. Only in Missouri is Labor Day the high of 95 degrees, then two days later it's 58 degrees at 3:30pm.
I have always loved rainy days. In fact, when I was a kid I used to misinterpret the meaning of the saying "put away for a rainy day". As you know, it means to put money away for a time when you need it. I thought you put it away until a literal rainy day in which you had to play in the house and wanted to do something special, like order pizza and watch movies. Although, we were allowed to go out and play in the rain while our friends had to stay inside or on their porches.
Rainy days were fun days. My Mom would bake cookies, we would play board games, and sometimes I would gather up every stuffed animal I owned and snuggle with them on the couch with a blanket...and probably watch Pete's Dragon.
Thunderstorms were especially special. My Dad would take me out on the front porch and we would sit there in awe of the awesome power of God.
To this day, rainy days make me happy. I would rather have rain the entire winter instead of snow. Except maybe a couple of weeks before Christmas.
I awoke this morning with a little bit nausea. Pixie had a 24 hour stomach virus last week that has been going around and I was hoping I didn't have it too. I feel okay, but Pixie has been really whiny today and hasn't been napping well. Possibly because she's teething. Then, I realized I couldn't find my diaper bag which has my wallet in it and realized that I probably left it up at Big Lake where we went for the holiday. The bad thing is, I am sure I had it in the car..which means that maybe Scott took it out to pack the car and left it outside. We'll have to go back tonight or tomorrow to retrieve it. I really hope it isn't stolen or ruined. I have only been using it for about a week and it's SO cute.
Thank goodness today is a rainy day. I might have been in a really rotten mood.