Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallo-Weekend! ~Sunday~

Yesterday started out just like every other Sunday. Get up,  rush Pixie to get dressed and fed, get myself ready, hope that Scott will get off work in time to rush home and get himself ready. We went to church, had a nice Sacrament Meeting, then we decided to leave early so Scott could spend time with his little brothers, who were in town. He said he was really missing them. Since I didn't have any assigned duties this week in Primary, and we both might end up with Pixie since she refused even the idea of Nursery for a second week in a row, I made sure all the Primary teachers were there and everything was in order, then we left. 

We stopped by home to grab a few things and I realized I forgot to gate Perrin in the kitchen. I was in a hurry and hadn't zipped back up my under-the-bed-shoe-box, he pulled out a sandal and ripped it to shreds. Thankfully it was one I didn't like wearing, but it was an odd thing for him to do. And he should be growing out of this at 2 years old, right!?
We cleaned that up and took time to open the coveted Halloween box from Maridee and Dennis. Here are some cute videos of that. We made the mistake of not securing the box and only leaving it on a chair, then we headed out to visit Scott's brothers. After all, we had the whole day since Scott got work off!

This is Pixie opening things. She thought I was just taking a picture.

This video is after we opened the box and Pixie was testing the goods.

We brought his brothers back home with us so they could play, while Pixie took a nap and I baked some pretzel fingers. We walked in the door and saw that Nova got into our Halloween box, pulled out a dark chocolate bar, opened it, and ate the entire 6.8oz of it. Dumb dog. Last time I tried to make her throw up and she didn't, but was fine, so I didn't do anything. Just kept an eye on her hoping that she would throw up. If she died, it would be her own stupid fault!

I was really tired, so during one of the many processes of the pretzels, I tried to take a short nap. I kept being awakened by the loud boy noise. Then the phone rang. It was a Primary issue that wasn't dealt with the right way and I had to make another call to right it. Communication and appreciation is key when dealing with the wonderful people who accept Primary and Nursery callings! While dealing with that, I ruined some pretzels and Nova threw up. Scott cleaned that up, thankfully. 

Pixie woke up and Scott left to take his brothers home. I was on the phone not 5 minutes after they left, when Pixie (who was playing under a blanket again) fell off of the couch. I went over to help her, still while on the phone, when I heard dog heaving. "Nova just threw up again, twice. I have to go". I put the dogs outside when the neighbors came home and Perrin went all Cujo (no, I haven't seen it, but it sounded accurate to the sound I heard from outside) on them. I had to go yell him inside. I cleaned up most of the barf and got out my new carpet cleaner (an early Christmas present to myself that seems to already have paid for itself in how much it's saved me), when I hear "I have to go potty". In fact, the potty was already done...on the couch. I helped her finish in the bathroom, when Scott called and heard my plight. He quickly and sweetly informed me that he would be home in a few minutes.

Scott came home, we finished the pretzels, and I halfheartedly went to get dressed up in my "blonde bombshell actress from the golden age" costume. I had been really excited about it. I had bought false eyelashes from the cosmetics aisle and proceeded to try and put them on. I've done it before, but this glue was all crumbly and not sticky at all. Since it was vital to my costume, I was in a bad mood anyway, and it was Sunday so I couldn't buy more glue, I had to forgo dressing up. It was sad.
So we just dressed Pixie up in her costume for the third time (she was sick of it by now and would only wear the skirt) and went to dinner at Scott's mother's house. 

Micah and Stephen were there with their little girl, wearing the cutest little ladybug costume I've ever seen! She's such a good baby. I want the next one I have to be like her! (And no, that's not an announcement. You'll have to probably wait at least another year before that!)

We decided to skip trick-or-treating. We were tired, didn't have a lot of time left in the day, and had enough candy. We headed over to Becca's house, enjoyed our ghoulish treats, and played the best two rounds of the story game I've ever played. It was hilarious. Pixie had a blast playing with her cousins and their cousin, that we didn't see her for quite a while. We went home, put Pixie in bed, Scott went to sleep at 9:45, and I stayed up and watched a show online in bed before going to sleep.

Now that I spent the morning lazing about posting on my blog, today's agenda is to get the house back in order, let Pixie polish off tons of candy, get back to the gym (I joined one two weeks ago!), and start a strict diet until Thanksgiving!

Hallo-Weekend! ~Saturday~

 Saturday morning Pixie opened a Halloween card, specifically address to her from Grandma Maridee and Papa Bear (Dennis). She was so excited for her "present". It was cute. I'm going to keep it and scrapbook it with the pictures of her costume this year.

 Saturday was also Aunt Becca's 32nd birthday. Yes Becca, I posted your AGE! Hehe.
We had been wanting to go to an Indian restaurant that Sam loves, so we took her to the buffet for her birthday. It was nice and yummy, although a bit too spicy for both Becca and Scott.
Then we got ready for the church Fall Festival and the Tinker Bell costume came out again. This time with more sparkles, er...pixie dust. She helped me put it on.

 This is one of those twins I posted about in the last post.

 And here's the other one.

 This is their beautiful mama, Jamie. She has 5 children and is amazing. Pixie adores her, making her the first person outside of our family that she really looks up to. She likes to talk about her and I can get her to do things like not scream while I wash her hair, just by saying Jamie would like it. It's great.
 You can see all the 'pixie dust' she painted onto her eye lids. She tries to put make up on already too.

 This is an awesome friend that I served in YW with for a short time. She's from Venice, but also has lived in Brazil, so she and Scott speak Portuguese together. She's hilarious.
 Here are some of Becca's kids, "the cousins" as we call them with Pixie.
 And this is a brand new baby girl, only 4 days old. I've been her mama's visiting teacher since I've been married and she's the 3rd child born within that time!
 After the ward party, we went over to Becca's for birthday cake and ice cream. Scott went to work at 9pm and we played for a little while longer, before heading home for bed.

Hallo-Weekend! ~Friday~

 Friday, after the bittersweet dealings with selling the lake house in the last post, we returned home and got ready for a Halloween party at a friend's house. Scott got work off until midnight, so that was nice.
Pixie was Tinker Bell. As if she could be anything else! I'm pretty sure this was the only thing she would wear. Have I mentioned she is already picky about what she wears? Yeah, at 2 1/2. I'm in for it!

 She was upset that the slippers wouldn't stay on, so we wore regular shoes. Pink of course!
 Scott was an old west sheriff (or could pass as Walker Texas Ranger!) and I was his squaw.

 We stopped by Becca's so she could take pictures of us. Pixie did not like leaving her cousin.
 One of the guys from our ward. He's actually the YM President, but this obviously wasn't a church party! This is one of his twins. They were Micky and Minnie Mouse.
 Pixie had a blast running around the yard. It was dark and cold out, but they had swings! She never complained of the cold.. She's getting so much more used to people and will play with other kids now. It's nice. When we pulled up I saw all the scary decorations, music, masks, etc and thought she would freak. She didn't cry once!

 I decided to warm up by doing a fire dance.

 We didn't plan on Scott having the kiss on his cheek, but I was trying out my red lipstick for my second costume and gave him a kiss. We decided to leave it and just say he was in a saloon.

Funny thing was, Scott ran into Walmart after the party and completely forgot about the kiss on his cheek. When I reminded him, he remarked how that's why he was getting smiles and nods from everyone in the store!

Goodbye Lake House

 We had only a few good times there, but they were good times. We bought the lake house when I was pregnant with Pixie. Scott and his brother fixed it up the whole summer while Pixie was an infant, then the next year we actually got to use it. This year however, it flooded in June. Our house was above the flood plain, but besides the heavy rain and flooding, the levy at the lake broke. 
I can't seem to find any inside pictures, but it was seriously nice. And we had nice leather furniture. 
Here's one of our good times up there, posted here.
The boy scouts in church used it a lot for camp outs. I got to take the YW up there in spring for a pre-camp.
The saddest part for me is that my parents would have loved it, but never got to see it. And neither did some of my best friends!

 The siding was almost done. The inside was near perfect.
Here is the inside after the flood. After they scrubbed the walls and threw out all the moldy furniture.

Living room.
 Our bedroom with the awesome huge window and beautiful view.
 Micah and Stephen's room.
 I'm sure I have the nice inside pictures saved on a  backup disk somewhere. I'll post them when I find it.
There are so many 'what-ifs' on this. What if the flooding came a week later? We were just having the property appraised and it would have been covered. One good thing that came out of this, is that the commercial property we had got flooded and the insurance completely paid it off. Boy was that nice! Now if we could find a buyer to buy that place, it would be nice.
So, we had a hard time letting the Lake House go. We bought it with the dream that we would fix it up to use as a vacation home for our family, then pass it on to our children. It was hard only getting one summer's use out of it too, and to see all Scott's hard work go to waste. But, a cash buyer came to us that wanted to fix it up for his grandchildren, so we sold it. It was the right thing to do, but was a little sad. We just don't have the time, money, and effort to put into it. Besides the fact that we don't know what direction our lives are going to take us in the near future. We went up on Friday morning before the closing to get some things and say goodbye. We got to see the blue heron that lives on the lake. He flew by like he was saying his own goodbyes. Thus closes that chapter in our lives. The feeling of letting it go is bittersweet, but has a hint of excitement. It feels good to let it go.
Now maybe we can plan a vacation with the money that isn't going to go to the upkeep of the next couple of years. :)