Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Gratitude

I just sat down with my cozy faux fur throw, after enjoying a busy morning and fun lunch with Scott and Pixie.
I made a quick vegetarian chili and some cornbread, I have regular bread in the oven right now and Pixie is 'reading' books in quiet time in her room.
I love the quiet in the house today. It's been raining out the last few days, which is so much better than ice or snow, and so we've left the Christmas tree lights on because it's so dark. The dogs are downstairs being quiet, even though cooped up due to the muddy backyard the last few days.

I decided to sit down to look up some craft projects I want to get done for Christmas, and look at some goodie recipes to make. I had this overwhelming feeling of happiness in my life.
I love my home. We've been here for almost a year now. A year ago at this time we saw it for the first time.
It's so wonderful to be in a house that you love, even if it still has many home improvement projects to be done on it. It's warm, efficient, cozy and roomy.
I love our growing little family. I love this little boy growing inside of me already, even though it has been more difficult to carry him. I had wondered if the second time around would be less exciting, but it's not. I think it's even more exciting. Maybe that's because Pixie will be getting a sibling or it is because we are more familiar with what having a baby around 24/7 entails. Hopefully it entails much more sleep and less stress than with Pixie. I think I've relaxed enough this time around that I 'might' be able to fall asleep reclining in our comfy new furniture, while holding an infant that won't let you lie down. Ever. :)
The prospect of getting the birth I'm comfortable with and want, is so awesome. The beginning of this month I found out that the birth center I wanted to go to had some fee changes that enabled us to go there. I was so ecstatic. We visited the next night and set up our first appointment. My first visit with them is on the 28th.
I just need everything to go normally and this boy to stay in for as long as he's supposed to, to have what I want!

I'm so happy for this Christmas holiday. I'm happy that we will be able to meet Scott (in between shifts on the weekend) at my parent's house on Christmas Eve. I'm happy that he'll come home Christmas morning to be with us for church and the entire day. I'm happy that he has work off the next day. I'm happy that even though we'll be spending New Year's Eve apart again for a few years in a row, he'll be home the next day and the next day after that. We are seeing more of him than ever and we love it, even if it isn't for full days. I'm happy that the new year brings the prospect of him being able to be home weekends, towards the latter part of the year. I can't imagine what that would be like.
Our whole family being home=happiness for all of us.

We've had many blessings come our way in 2011. Not that it's been easy, but it has let us gain experiences that are very valuable, and allow us to grow even closer together as a family unit.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Finished!

The barrier fence is finished! It took a while to do it. We started a few days before Thanksgiving. Scott found this way of making our own custom fence panels, so nothing can be seen through the fence. There is an extra panel on top of the seams. We made them all ourselves, and measure the slopes, etc. It would have been easier if it didn't get so dark so soon and if Scott were home on weekends. Also would have been easier if I could help lift the thing more! I took it easy, don't want anything to happen with this pregnancy. Which meant Scott had to carry the panels pretty much by himself off of the porch. They were VERY heavy, due to the extra panels and that they are treated wood.

So now instead of this: (Minus the other two barking dogs; a fat beagle and poodle-type mix. Plus it's really awkward to be outside in the Summer when the lady and her teenage daughter are sitting in the pool, right there next to us.)

We have this!

This view is from our porch. When you are down in the back yard you won't see anything, except the neighbor's porch. I'm sure some of them might try to bark at us from there. No more fence fighting and biting through the fence. Nova teased them, but after Perrin got under the other fence and almost mauled to death, he's become even more aggressive towards them and a shock collar doesn't even affect him when he's in the heat of the moment.
I also don't have to worry about Pixie going up to all four of those dogs, and risk getting bitten. So annoying when they stood there barking at my three-year-old, who was the only one in the yard.

Eventually I'd like the other side of the yard done, just to be even, but because of cost (wood is expensive!) and the major slope down in the back corner, we're going to wait a while or hire it out in the future. There is an easement in the back and on the other side, the other neighbors are a really quiet older couple with one little old dog and some cats. They keep their yard in pristine condition. The way ours will be once we get it the way we want it! I've already started to think about all the fun garden things I can do on this fence. A place for climbing plants and maybe installing some gutter gardens I saw an idea for. Who knows! I think my ideas are bigger than my abilities might be next Spring. You know, with a newborn and all. :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Small Attempt at Family Christmas Pictures

We had about 5 minutes before leaving to our church Christmas party, so I decided to try and take some pictures. It turned out to be a little difficult to get anything good, but it was fun.

Here are our three attempts at getting a timed family photo, using Pixie's dollhouse as our tripod. It didn't work out too well. I have no idea what got into her and the faces she made at the camera. I don't think she was holding them while we were waiting....

And this is the best one....oh dear. Between Pixie's face and my glaring spectacles...yikes. I''m opting for contact lenses next year at my optometrist's exam. :)

Santa made a visit at the church party. Scott got to for for an hour, unexpectedly, before he head out for work. It was nice, but he missed Santa and the treats.
Pixie is old enough not to cry on Santa's lap (btw, our Santa was British!), but she's still not comfortable being there. He asked her if she wanted to get off his lap, she said yes. 

She was happy to sit on the floor with her gift.

After I got home and got Pixie into bed, I decided to try and get a few side views of my pregnancy. I had a request from my sister, Amy, so I thought I better do it. I haven't had any pictures since Halloween I think.
So here I am, 22 weeks and 3 days pregnant with our baby boy!