Friday, October 31, 2008

My Halloween

My day started off like any other day. I ran out to pick up some things before naptime and didn't get everything before Pixie got tired and I needed to go home.
Nova had been going crazy at the windows all morning and I found out why at about noon when I was taking the trash out. Our neighbor who rents from Stephen has a puppy (even though she's not supposed to) and it was outside loose with another puppy that was SO skinny.
I put them in my fenced backyard and left a note on her door when she didn't answer my knocks.
They were back there for over two hours and I realized she was home, but wasn't answering the door. Stephen came over to do something and she finally came out. Scott told her about her puppy, she claimed she didn't know he was gone, and he asked if she had a second. She said no, but went to take him from me. I told her that we'd take care of them and asked her for more information. She seemed reluctant, maybe because Stephen was standing there or because she thought that I was the one that called the humane society on her, but I got out of her that he was being bottle fed by some guy up the street and she didn't think he wanted him. I wasn't going to give him back to someone who didn't take care of him and I know the people she hangs out with are probably druggies, so we're trying out a puppy for a few days before we make a decision.
He is adorable and has a cute personality, but I know what it's like to raise and train a puppy..and with a 6 month old baby too? Yikes. Although, I have been thinking about getting another dog since I'm home so much. I just didn't know he would fall into my lap. I hope we get a bigger house soon! He's only 6.5 lbs right now. Any ideas for a name?

This is him curled up on my stomach.

The bad thing is that we had an extra kennel that Nova was kinda too big for and she figured out how to escape from, but we donated it to a second hand store last month! We stuck the puppy in a box with another weighted box on top of that and hoped it held while we went to the church activity. Good thing he's not big!

I had planned Pixie and my costumes for a while. She was a caterpillar and I was a monarch butterfly. We were the best dressed! We visited for a while, there wasn't a big turn out, and then went trick or treating for half an hour with Scott's brother before Scott had to go to work. Oh, and you should be proud of me. I only ate one cupcake and one mini Twix!

That's us! Pixie's costume was obscuring her face.

Gas Prices!

I never thought I'd see the price of gas this low EVER again!
I predicted that it wouldn't go below $1.99, but today I got gas with my Sam's Club card for $1.96!
Ahh...I wish we could take a road trip! Pixie is good in the car if it's nap time, but once she's done sleeping...look out! She'll scream non-stop until you stop and take her out.
I wish this gas price would last, we'll see what happens after the elections since it usually drops before them. I would be happy if it stayed around $2.50.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Modbe-Style Giveaway!

I love the idea of giveaways. I would love it even more if I actually won something! Go to Modbe-Style to enter in to a giveaway of a really cute winter accessories set! (scarf, hat, gloves)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Six Months

Pixie has been 6 months since the 10th, but I thought I'd give an update.
In this corner, Pixie. Weighing in at 16.5 lbs, 25 1/2 inches tall.
Okay, she's in the lightweight division, but I love my little compact baby!
6 months was the age that Scott and I were looking forward to for a long time. While she is adorable to play with and when she's happy it's great, but as you have seen from some of my last posts, her improving sleep habits, just like her toys now, have been tossed far away from her reach.
Last night after our long battle that ended at 9pm, I didn't hear from my baby, even when we went into bed at 11pm. I was thinking "yay! maybe the spell is broken and I'll have a fantastic tale to blog about!". I heard Pixie stirring at 11:30, but it sounded like she was trying to put herself back to sleep, something that has never happened before. So I held off until she started crying. I got up with her and she wouldn't go back to sleep. Even after I brought her in bed with us she just refused to nurse and wanted to play. We endured being poked in the face, kicked, and swiped for about 2 hours. AH! Later on that night Scott went out to sleep in the living room. Oh well, there's always the next night. I'm just glad I don't have to work and can take a nap with her if I want to.

My curious baby reaching for the camera strap.
Playing with Daddy's cords...

Happy Halloween! These are the pants we got in honor of Grandma Maridee.

The beautiful dress that Sam gave us. I love Baby Gap!

My pretty bald baby.

Ready to go on an outing with her first doll from Grandma Maridee.

Pears...a no go. From a jar anyway, we haven't tried fresh yet.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Burst of Craftiness

I made my first pair of baby leggings! Thank you, Kizzie for the pattern link and inspiration!
These were the only knee high socks on my first trip to Wal-Mart, they say "Royal Pain" if you can't tell. I'm too impatient so the cuffs don't look perfect, but who cares. I did it myself! I found another print when I looked the next time. They are pink with crowns on it. Where do you find your cute socks, Kiz? I had to borrow Becca's sewing machine and I told Scott that I need one. He said we'll have to wait on it and that he asked me if I wanted one last year when we saw some at garage sales. I just looked at him and said "I wasn't a mother then!".

I eventually took these shorts off Pixie...they were so snug over her cloth nappy! (Yes, I'm from the U.K. now :)
I have a fleece jumper dress by babyGap that will go perfectly with this pair of baby leggings and will be so warm for the winter! She'll be able to wear these for a long time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Kitchen Sink

I was chatting with my Mom online today and realized I needed to finally get to my dishes while Scott was taking care of Pixie. So, I decided to just put on my futuristic bluetooth headset and call Mom while I did dishes. I filled one side of the sink with water and started to wash, when all of the sudden I heard a gushing sound. My first thoughts were..our toilet doesn't sound like that, neither does the shower, nor the refrigerator when it's filling up with ice water, and the washing machine isn't on....AAHHH! I whipped open the doors from under the sink and saw water washing down the everywhere. I grabbed a cleaning bucket I had under there to catch most of it. At first I thought that the seal on the drain broke, but as I called Scott over he realized it was the hose from the water pipes that flew off from the connection to the faucet. It looked like a waterfall down the walls. He told me to shut the valve, but it was stuck, so he came over and used his manly strength to shut it. I am SO glad I was standing there when it happened and that it wasn't in the middle of the night or when we were gone. I would have had a flooded kitchen instead of some soggy cleaning supplies.
We need a part for it, so I won't have hot water in the kitchen for a little while. I don't mind. I've lived with worse for a lot longer!


Today...was one of "those" days. I don't know if I'm going to keep my sanity. I was talking on chat to Becca this morning about our night last went a little like this:
: Still working on teeth?
me: or my destruction

Last night Pixie went to bed at 8, like every other night, but this night was so much fun. I put her to bed in between Ugly Betty ending and Grey's Anatomy starting (I'm really starting to get the ickies from that show, but that's another post). After she was tucked in I sat on the floor and worked on stitching the edges of my flannel baby wipes to go with my cloth diapers. By the time I was done and 10:30 had rolled around, I had gotten up FOUR times to go in to a screaming Pixie. Not fun. At 11pm I finally went into bed and took her with me. She woke me up somewhere between 3-5 times ( sometimes it's as much as 7..I can never remember) and then was wide awake somewhere around 5am. I tried to prolong my sleep and drug her with the melatonin of nursing, but it didn't work. I finally got up at about 6:45, changed and dressed her, then put her in her Exersaucer while I tried to get some more sleep. It didn't work, she cried after 5 minutes.
She went down for another nap at 8:30am, I tried to sleep...couldn't...then Scott came home from work.
Pixie was just so cranky. We both went back in for a nap at 11:30am and this time I finally fell asleep! Pixie slept for 2 hours. Too bad I was lying in there trying to sleep so long, I could have gotten a lot done.
I didn't get out of my PJs and shower until 3pm and the only time I got out of the house was to run to the post office.
Pixie's humor got a bit better while I was making a late lunch and then at 5pm she was so tired she fell asleep while Scott was carrying her around the house in one arm. She took a ten minute nap and then was up all the way until I finally put her down at 9pm. She has woken up once already.
Really? This better be teething. And if it is, it better be done soon! I have only gotten one 4 hour stretch from her at night in the past month.

Check out this article, it's short. I wonder if there's anything to it?
I mean, I'm a pretty happy person and I haven't had any really depressing times since after the postpartum period when Pixie was so difficult, but it's really interesting and I love funny movies!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Well, it was gone on Tuesday anyway. Here are the results from my haircut. I love long hair, but it's so much easier with shorter hair..Pixie can't get fistfulls intertwined in her fingers!
I got a long angled bob. Next time I think I'll go even shorter, I can still pull it up.
I took off over 10 inches and donated it to Locks of Love.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Real Date

Today Scott and I went on a real date!
Scott asked me out on Friday and we arranged a babysitter (Becca) for tonight.
We dropped her off, happily ran to the car in the rain, and went to our dinner reservation.
Yes, I said reservation. It sounds so much more official and fun that way!
We went to an Italian restaurant we've never been to here in town. Our waitress was amazing, she didn't write anything down and was a wealth of information on practically everything. It was great.
We gorged ourselves on WAY too much food and still had leftovers.
Afterwards, we decided to go to the mall to check out the renovations. It's still a mess and not as much as I thought would be done was, but it was fun to walk around and look at stuff with just the two of us. Our JC Penney got a Sephora too! I'm so happy about that!
Tomorrow should be fun too, I'm getting a haircut! We shall see....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Temple Update

My Mommy at work again! She sent this to me yesterday from the temple mailing list.

Dear Kansas City Missouri Temple Mailing List subscribers:

The Church has announced the location of the Kansas City temple. The news release states: For the temple serving the greater Kansas City area, the site will be in Clay County, Missouri, on residential land within the Kansas City limits that is already being developed by the Church. The development is known as Shoal Creek.


Rick Satterfield

The development website:

It seems like it'll be a really pretty area! And it will be an hour from my house!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Temple Announced!

In this morning's General Conference they announced a temple to be built in the greater Kansas City area! Wahoo! That will make it SO much easier to attend with a small child.
I knew my Mom wouldn't rest until she found out the exact location. She did some sleuthing online and believes that it will probably be located where I-435, I-29, and I-35 meet. Which means that it'll be north of Kansas City, closer to us! Time to move back, Kiz!