Friday, April 10, 2009

Pixie is ONE!

Today is Pixie's first birthday! At first I wanted to do a nice get together at the lake house, then I decided to do a party just with my family...then my mom got sick. So, we were going to do one here with Becca's family...and Becca gets sick last night. We have been planning on doing a joint party with Scott's family.
The day started out as any other day. I woke up when I heard Pixie, went in and hauled her into bed with me to try and get her to nurse a bit. Then we changed her diaper and she played while I fixed breakfast. This girl and her books!

Since we have stake conference at church on Easter Sunday at 10am (have to be there early too!), I decided to make an Easter festive breakfast. There is an egg, sheep, bunny, mouse, and chick with chocolate chips for eyes.

Pixie loved them. Three chocolate chips go a long way on a baby!

I decorated the cake. I didn't have the right tip to make polka dots, so they look like chocolate chips. :( Over all I think it wasn't bad for someone with NO cake decorating skills!
The middle tier had raspberry filling and the pink icing was tinted with raspberry jam.

We ended up having a small party with Scott's grandparents. It was very relaxed and wasn't overwhelming for Pixie.

I don't think she knew what was coming!

Isn't this face priceless? She didn't know what the heck we were doing, giving her something like that!

Pixie is very deliberate and careful with things usually. No smashing this smash cake!

She was just picking of icing with her finger, so I cut the cake and took most of the icing off.
(Poor baby has bruises on her face. For some reason she has decided to be klutzy this last week and we can't figure it out! She'll crawl too fast, right into things too!)

She's getting into sharing or maybe she was showing me what she has. She does that a lot too!

She finally got the idea of presents, but she wouldn't let the bunny her great-grandparents gave her out of sight! She kept hugging it and laughing.

This is a Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle. She thought it was a book and was trying to open it.

The bunny.

She's gotten one in so far!

Of course, the wrapping is the best part!


She's in the kitchen! said...

What a way to start our Saturday...seeing pictures of our little sweetheart! It's definitely not as good as being there, but at least we can share in the smiles. She sure does make us laugh! I am getting better each day, so maybe we will see you this week. Thanks for taking the time to blog and put up pictures....big smoochy kisses to you all! :-)

A Psych Mommy said...

I'm really impresse with your cake! It turned out really cute with the polka dots! And how cute is she trying to "open" up the puzzle!

Kizzie said...

You beat her don't you? "Klutzy"? Riiight! :)

The cake turned out SO cute!! and I seriously can't believe she's 1, I've got to move out there before she gets too old, so she likes me. She WILL like me.

Birthdays are so fun, I can't wait for the boys this summer. I need to start planning!

Rebecca said...

How cute is she? I was so sad we couldn't see you then. The cake was beautiful!