Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seriously Salad

I posted the Sweet Onion, Tomato, and Cuke Salad on our recipe blog here.
It is seriously so good! It was gone in a flash..I ate almost the whole bowl. No kidding.
This is the perfect lettuce-less summer side salad. Try it! It would be great at a picnic or potluck.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Boon Products on discount at Hautelook!

I signed up with Hautelook. They have designer items discounted. Some are still too steep for me, but some are awesome deals!
They have Boon on sale there.
This animal bag is 29.99 from 59.99!

And the bath scrubbles are 5.99!

They also have toddler utensils, snack pods, and dishes.
Visit Hautelook and join, get this deal, and to be notified of future sales!

Floods, Viruses, Blood, Battery Acid and No Husband

Sounds like a plague, right? Nope, all in my wonderful week so far.
This is how it went.
Sunday morning Scott left to go on a canoe trip with his brother. Sunday was fine, Monday was fine, even though Pixie kept me up that night.
I decided to get the house organized a bit more and clear some stuff out for him while he was gone.

I packed up the SUV with boxes that have been cluttering our basement. I get a lot of Frontier and Pampered Chef boxes, along with anything else that comes in the mail. I ran some errands, picked up Scott's work check, then headed out on the 40 minute drive to my mom's house. I gave her the boxes to use as weed control in their garden, then took mom into town to take her shopping, since she doesn't have a working vehicle still. We stopped to deposit checks at the bank. I turned off the SUV to save gas and it wouldn't start again when we were done. Scott had mentioned that he thought the starter was going because it didn't start well for him once, but he didn't think it was a big deal. Mom went straight for the battery and there was our problem. Battery acid build up. We didn't have any tools because Scott took them out of the SUV, so the bank tellers sent out a man to help us out. Long story short, he got a tool and wiggled it while I started it. Then we went to Walmart where mom got a pair of pliers and sandpaper to clean it off. My mom is amazing.

I started clearing more of the basement out. We've had phantom leaks down there. One we think is from he bathtub seal, but it comes and goes. About a week ago Scott told me that he thought the water heater overflowed through the drain pipe and got water all over. There was a nice little stream when I went down there, but I didn't have enough time to do everything because Pixie woke up from her nap. She can hear everything in the basement as well.
After her nap, we went to Target and Sam's Club. Scott finally called me, he hadn't had reception, and Pixie freaked out every time I took the stroller into a store.
That night I noticed blood all over the kitchen floor. Perrin had split one of his paws and was bleeding all over. Lovely.
That night I was up with Pixie too.

I baked bread and made 2 dozen cookies for the blood drive that afternoon. During Pixie's nap I again attempted to tackle more of the basement. Got a bit done, but Pixie woke up after 40 min. Shoot. While I was down there I investigated the water heater after finding another lovely stream of water. I couldn't find any moisture coming from the overflow pipes, so I went around to the other side...lo and behold..the middle of the entire seam that holds it together is bursting apart. It is a gas one and they are a lot more expensive. Heaven knows we don't need this right now. I wasn't too keen on Scott going on this canoe trip, as I'm not buying even much food right now and living off food storage until he finds an additional job, but he promised his little brother months ago that he'd go. So, I'm going to go down to the basement today and remind myself where the shut off valve is, just in case it blows.
Later that day I dropped Pixie off at Becca's while I went to the church blood drive.
It was my first time donating. I went in, everything was fine, my iron count was 14.8. I was really happy about that because being a vegetarian, iron is a question I get a lot. Ugh.
Everything was great the whole time I was donating. One of the other ladies got sick and almost passed out. That's because it was too hot in there, you need it to be 68 degrees and the people asked didn't make sure it got there. Anyway, she felt like a total wuss. Until I was done donating.
So, I was almost done..great! My Red Cross girl, Essence, did a great job and she was going to check on someone else and come back to finish me up. There was this other girl (whom I found out later was new) that came over, told me I was done, clamped the tube, and walked away. I started to feel like there was an anxiety attack coming on, then I was dizzy so they laid me down. Almost immediately after that I got nauseous and said I was going to throw up. I didn't have much time to react, the vomit came coughing up and it went up my nose, on my shirt a little, then the girl brought over the trash and it oozed down the side of my face, thankfully mostly in the trash. They wouldn't let me up, even though I felt fine after that, so I had to lay there smelling like barf, with vomit in my nose leaking into my throat. Finally they let me sit up, then let me go. Gross. But, I made it!! I guess there is something that happens to your body when the blood stop flowing and it makes you sick. Combined with the heat, I was a goner.

I went back home and felt a little shaky later, but was okay. I parked in the parking lot up the street and across the way since they are sealing our road today. It takes two days to do it and it's dry by that evening, but the lovely city road crews decided to make those two days Friday and Monday, so we can't drive on our street the entire weekend. Anyway, that parking lot is owned by my brother-in-law who owns a salon by appointment only. The woman at the salon will have you towed if you park there without being a customer. So I called him to ask permission and he said he would leave her a note. I put a note on my car saying I had permission to be there, just in case he forgets.
Last night I needed something to wind me down to get ready for bed. I usually talk to Scott, but he's out of cell phone battery, so I've been watching "How I Met Your Mother". I finished all the new episodes the other day, so I decided to see what the "Big Bang Theory" was all about. I went to a site I normally go to to watch videos and watched the first episode. All at once I got windows security warnings that I had been attacked with trojan horses, spyware, and worms. Great, just great. I remembered that Scott did something to the virus protection last week and got rid of a program he was told interfered with it. I don't know if that was the cause or not. I tried to run the virus scan in safe mode, but it didn't do any good. Now the desktop is out of commission until Becca's husband, James, fixes it for me.

This morning I went to step on the scale to see if I lost more than that one pound this week, with all the stress, and to top everything off...my scale battery is dead.

You know that feeling where you are worried you will forget something? Now imagine worrying not only that you will forget everything, but that your husband will too. I even have to remind him to go to work sometimes. I realized today that this is one of the reasons I feel so stressed. I put reminders in my phone for trash day and some other things. I am going to make Scott start taking brain function herbs as well and see if it will help. Of course, that'll be one more thing I have to remember. Wouldn't be nice to have an assistant to remember everything for you?

I just took a break from posting, woke up Pixie from her nap early to go babysit Becca's kids while she goes to her doctor's appointment. I walked all the way up to the parking lot and the driver's side wouldn't unlock. Finally got it unlocked, then got Pixie in, only to find out that it won't start again. Now the SUV is stuck in that parking lot and Pixie didn't have a full nap, plus Scott's laptop erased part of my post and it was saved over. What next? I feel like crying. In fact, I did a little.