Monday, July 14, 2008

Old Pals

I was looking through some files in my old hotmail account and came across a bunch of old emails with pictures in them. These were the last days of our singlehood and all of us hanging out together! Man, I want to be that skinny again! I actually had a waist! These are from Nov/Dec '04.

Kiz and I had a few matching clothes. We shopped the sales together. Remember throwing clothes back and forth in the dressing rooms?
We all look really white in this light, but this is all 4 of us at Kizzie's wedding. Don't we look young? It was only less than 4 years ago too! I should find the REALLY old pictures.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Independence Day and Blessing Day

This Independence Day we went to our ward potluck for lunch and then up to our lake house at Big Lake.
Look at Pixie all decked out!

This is the view from the backyard of our lake house. Progression pictures of the house to follow, it's almost done!
I had to leave before it got dark because Pixie was getting tired and cranky and she doesn't sleep well at all when we're out. I watched fireworks from the freeway (like the John Mayer song) on the way home. I really wanted ice cream, but every good place with a drive thru was closed and I wasn't going to haul Pixie out and risk her screaming.
I missed cuddling with Scott watching fireworks, but I found out later that he did get to watch them either. He actually shot off about $500 worth of other peoples fireworks for everyone at Big Lake.
Hopefully next year will be different. The 4th of July is special for us, it was our first day as a couple three years ago.

Look at Pixie with her baby blues. I bought this vintage gown on Ebay, she barely fit into it! We waited until this month to bless her because everyone was out of town or sick last month except my parents. Looking back on it now, I wish I went ahead and did it then because my parents were sick and unable to make it. They hardly ever get to make it to anything important. It made me sad.

After church we went over to the Grandparents Evans' house to hang out with family for a little while. I stayed only two hours because so many kids and people is to loud and overwhelming for Pixie. She hung out with Jonah for a good chunk of the time. I think he's one of her favorites because he talks to her and keeps her moving. :)
Charlotte likes her and wants to play, but Pixie doesn't like being poked in the eyes or pinched...yet..

However, she settled down long enough to "hold" Pixie for a minute. It was pretty cute.

The End!