Friday, July 6, 2007

The Kansas City Zoo

May 29th we went to the zoo with Rebecca's family and some friends. It was my first time at the Kansas City was fun, but far from my favorite!

My niece, Princess, could hardly contain her excitement!

This picture was taken on the suspended was way too sturdy to be fun, but it was an awesome view!

My nephews, Professor (left) and Lion (right), along with another monkey!

This boy leopard was exposing way too much!
Sam was in shock.

Lion thought these were called "whore hogs". hehe

Scott and Danny preparing for their auditions to be on the t.v. show "Lost".

Just chillin' in the comfy rocking chairs.

James and his sons.

Rebecca and Princess

I love these crested things! They run around with their wings
spread out and their really fun to watch!

"Goose Crossing!"

I got to tickle the lioness!