Friday, April 15, 2011

Pixie's 3rd Birthday

Last Sunday was Pixie's 3rd birthday. It's hard to believe that my only child isn't a baby anymore! 
She's growing up so fast. She's such a little companion right now. I'm enjoying it.

We had been planning on going to my parent's house to visit, so we did a last minute birthday party on Saturday with them.

My mom and dad drew and painted this card for her. She loved it! My parents really know how to make things special and add that extra thought. We all sang "Yellow Submarine" later, accompanied by my dad on the guitar.

Grandpa showed her the kale in the garden. She kept picking it and eating it at this picnic table.

 Becca and her family made it. Pixie has missed her cousins.

We headed up to the park for the party. Kizzie and her family made it too! It was fun.

On Sunday I invited the branch president's family over for a little party.
Their daughter made hair bows for Pixie and gave her a little lamb. She's very much into animals right now....and hair bows!

She was a little shy with all of the attention, and she had icing on her face from the spatula I let her lick.

Here she is wearing one of the flower clips she got.

After we had cake, all the children disappeared into Pixie's room and they had a ball. I found some pictures of them all on her kid camera she got. 
It was a nice birthday. Thank you to my family for remembering and making it special, and to the Day and Westover families for sharing with us at the last minute!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Cheeky Review

Have you ever tried to research a product or project, but cannot find any information on it?
I have. In fact, it has happened a lot. 

I also have been asked by many friends about various products I use around my home, what works and what doesn't. Well, I decided to help my fellow friends and internet searchers in the form of another blog.
I call it "The Cheeky Review". It's a place where I will share what products, services, businesses and do-it-yourself-cheaper projects I'm familiar with around our house. Hopefully some of these will help someone! 
So head on over to The Cheeky Review and follow this new blog of mine. 
You may just learn something you'll need to know in the future. :)