Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I am 25. Or as Becca puts it, a quarter of a century.
It feels like yesterday that I was 20! Sure how time flies. Well, now I can rent a car without incurring fees! Now that we have a baby and aren't really going anywhere!
This year my birthday was much better than last year. Last year Pixie was only 20 days old and I was lucky to get 2 hours of straight sleep. We went out with our very good friends, Sam and Danny, to dinner and then came home to watch a movie I think. All I remember was asking Scott to hold Pixie "for a minute" and then crawling into bed. I woke up a couple of hours later to my guests gone. I can't believe I did that! My poor brain/body was screaming for sleep. I felt like a zombie forever!
Becca took me out to lunch on Tuesday, she and Scott planned my birthday week for me. We went to this quaint coffee shop for lunch. They have amazing vegetarian food. We shared a veggie BLT and a Mock Chicken Salad sandwich. Yum, yum. I made a secret appointment for myself with my hair stylist, Patti (she's in my ward too!), to get my hair cut and surprise Scott. Boy was he surprised! He really likes it too. I need to get a straight iron so it will look exactly like she styled it, but it does pretty well on it's own. I love it! Maybe next time I'll go even shorter, I can still pull it back into a small ponytail.
Today for lunch, Scott took me to Olive Garden while Becca watched Pixie. It was really nice and I ate SO much! I haven't been that full forever. We both ate all the salad, all the appetizer, all of each of our entrees, and about half of two desserts. Whoa!
We then got to go visit Scott's grandparents from Reno, they just got into town today. That was nice, we haven't seen them in two years. We had a small party with Scott's two sets of grandparents, his brother and his family, and Becca's family at our house. It was a tight fit! Becca made the cake and icing, it was mighty tasty! Grandma Janet and Grandpa Jay got me a beautiful orchid! I have always wanted one, but never wanted to spend it on myself! I really hope I don't kill it. I'm going to look up the care for one. Grandma Maridee and Grandpa Dennis got me some Dark Chocolate Moose from Cabela's. I teased them and reminded them that I was a vegetarian and didn't eat moose. They said they have a real present in store for me tomorrow. Becca couldn't find my real gift, probably put it in a "safe place" like I did with Grandma Janet's BD gift. Becca's children gave me a Connect Four game. I have fond memories of that game as a child! Losing, that is..I have to make new memories. :) Scott gave me a pasta maker! He researched them for a whole morning and found the best one he could get, that even real chefs use! Mom and Dad couldn't be here tonight, but Mom mailed me some dark chocolate (can you tell it's my fav yet?!) and sent me a wooden toy row boat that my Dad had made. I had one for a few years, but Perrin got a hold of it and chewed it up. I love it and Pixie will have fun with it too in the bath! Pixie thought the gifts were for her and was acting very appreciative of them. With her birthday and Easter being so recent, she probably thinks all gifts are for her.
Here are some pictures of the evening, I am so tired!

My nephew, Lion, and his missing two front teeth.

The whole gang packed into our house.

Stephen with his wife, Micah, and her cutie boy. He came in with a bunch full of lilacs for me. Sweet!

Grandpa Jay and Grandma Janet

Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Maridee

Me opening my pasta maker and the front view of my new do.

Here is the side view and James in the background.

Can you see my beautiful orchid? It's lovely!

This picture reminds me of how much work I have left to do at the gym! Ugghh, all that baby belly fat. I wish my chest grew too! It kinda gets lost in the mix.

My wonderful Scott, and me of course!


She's in the kitchen! said...

What a fun-filled birthday you had! Are you still stuffed from the Olive Garden visit? haha!

Shari @ A Psych Mommy said...

Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy your pasta maker! And I love Olive Garden. . .I'm getting hungry for some breadsticks!

Kizzie said...

I'm so glad you had such a nice birthday! My present to you was eating your share of meat with my dinner!! :P

And your hair looks adorable!

I miss you so much!!

Together We Save said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a really fun time.

Rebecca said...

I had so much fun with you on Tuesday! We need to find ways to escape more often. :)

I'm glad you liked the cake, and that you enjoyed your birthday!

By the way, thank you VERY much for not posting a picture of me. I was scared while scrolling down there for a bit.