Sunday, April 5, 2009

A New Name

Since I am visiting more of a variety of blogs and discussing things with people I don't know, I thought it was time to give my baby a code name. My daughter's new name is..."Pixie". She is cute and impish just like a pixie, so I thought that was the perfect name.
I have edited all of my posts and have deleted all old comments with her real name in it, no offense anyone whose comments they were! You can go re-comment if they were more recent, but I thought this would be easier than hassling all of you to update all your comments.
So, for now on, please refer to my baby as "Pixie" in all your blogger related writings!


Kizzie said...

Pixie. Cute. I use my kids real names, because I'm lame like that. But in 2 years they haven't been stalked or kidnapped. yet. :)

Tara said...

My kiddos have code names...but we really do call them by the code names too!

BTW: i think we're sort of neighbors...i'm in the tampa area!! ♥