Monday, March 30, 2009

My Goal

Scott and I have been trying to work out at the gym regularly and eat well, but we decided that we need a short term goal to keep us going forward. Yesterday morning we decided that we both want to lose 5lbs by Easter. Our rules are:
  1. No Sweets
  2. Pasta Twice a Week
  3. No Eating after 8pm
  4. Keep a Food Diary ( w/daily plate) with calorie restriction
  5. Work Out Every Day (except Sunday, unless a walk)
  6. Fruit Anytime
  7. One Meal Replacement Protein Shake a Day
So far we are doing really well. I worked out at the gym today for an hour on the elliptical and really enjoyed it! I go to the YMCA while Scott stays home with Pixie during her morning nap.
He goes to the school in the morning when we get up and usually works out with his brother.
I was so proud of myself! I have always been REALLY bad at cardio and when I started going to the gym I burned 400 calories an hour, now I'm up to like 560! Scott burns way more, but that's partly because he's better and stronger and partly because he weighs a lot more than I do!
It's also my time to watch tv since we don't have cable. Today I watched the Food Network channel! It's my favorite.
So, I encourage you to call, email, message me and ask me how I'm doing! Keep me on track!


Kizzie said...

Look at you blog! Woo Hoo!

And good for you! We made the no eating after 8 rule, but had to move it to 8:30 because Andy doesn't get home til late and well...we wanted another 30 minutes. :)
Also, we've tried to cut out sweets for the most part, only having dessert a couple times a week, mostly we're good at it. I did have to go through the pantry and just throw away a bunch of partial packages of junk food, so I wouldn't be tempted. We've been buying fruit a lot lately, and I'm loving it.
But I don't work out. I'm thinking of starting something (at home) I just need to decide what. I need to be ready for bathing suit season!! :)

Anyway, good luck! And I'll totally check on you, so do good! :)

A Psych Mommy said...

Sounds like you have a great plan in place! I've been really trying to cut back on sweets, but it's so hard! I keep a bag of chocolate in my bag for when I'm stressed out and need a chocolate break. I keep telling myself to stop buying more when I run out--it's not working!

Scott said...

You go girl!