Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I am 25. Or as Becca puts it, a quarter of a century.
It feels like yesterday that I was 20! Sure how time flies. Well, now I can rent a car without incurring fees! Now that we have a baby and aren't really going anywhere!
This year my birthday was much better than last year. Last year Pixie was only 20 days old and I was lucky to get 2 hours of straight sleep. We went out with our very good friends, Sam and Danny, to dinner and then came home to watch a movie I think. All I remember was asking Scott to hold Pixie "for a minute" and then crawling into bed. I woke up a couple of hours later to my guests gone. I can't believe I did that! My poor brain/body was screaming for sleep. I felt like a zombie forever!
Becca took me out to lunch on Tuesday, she and Scott planned my birthday week for me. We went to this quaint coffee shop for lunch. They have amazing vegetarian food. We shared a veggie BLT and a Mock Chicken Salad sandwich. Yum, yum. I made a secret appointment for myself with my hair stylist, Patti (she's in my ward too!), to get my hair cut and surprise Scott. Boy was he surprised! He really likes it too. I need to get a straight iron so it will look exactly like she styled it, but it does pretty well on it's own. I love it! Maybe next time I'll go even shorter, I can still pull it back into a small ponytail.
Today for lunch, Scott took me to Olive Garden while Becca watched Pixie. It was really nice and I ate SO much! I haven't been that full forever. We both ate all the salad, all the appetizer, all of each of our entrees, and about half of two desserts. Whoa!
We then got to go visit Scott's grandparents from Reno, they just got into town today. That was nice, we haven't seen them in two years. We had a small party with Scott's two sets of grandparents, his brother and his family, and Becca's family at our house. It was a tight fit! Becca made the cake and icing, it was mighty tasty! Grandma Janet and Grandpa Jay got me a beautiful orchid! I have always wanted one, but never wanted to spend it on myself! I really hope I don't kill it. I'm going to look up the care for one. Grandma Maridee and Grandpa Dennis got me some Dark Chocolate Moose from Cabela's. I teased them and reminded them that I was a vegetarian and didn't eat moose. They said they have a real present in store for me tomorrow. Becca couldn't find my real gift, probably put it in a "safe place" like I did with Grandma Janet's BD gift. Becca's children gave me a Connect Four game. I have fond memories of that game as a child! Losing, that is..I have to make new memories. :) Scott gave me a pasta maker! He researched them for a whole morning and found the best one he could get, that even real chefs use! Mom and Dad couldn't be here tonight, but Mom mailed me some dark chocolate (can you tell it's my fav yet?!) and sent me a wooden toy row boat that my Dad had made. I had one for a few years, but Perrin got a hold of it and chewed it up. I love it and Pixie will have fun with it too in the bath! Pixie thought the gifts were for her and was acting very appreciative of them. With her birthday and Easter being so recent, she probably thinks all gifts are for her.
Here are some pictures of the evening, I am so tired!

My nephew, Lion, and his missing two front teeth.

The whole gang packed into our house.

Stephen with his wife, Micah, and her cutie boy. He came in with a bunch full of lilacs for me. Sweet!

Grandpa Jay and Grandma Janet

Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Maridee

Me opening my pasta maker and the front view of my new do.

Here is the side view and James in the background.

Can you see my beautiful orchid? It's lovely!

This picture reminds me of how much work I have left to do at the gym! Ugghh, all that baby belly fat. I wish my chest grew too! It kinda gets lost in the mix.

My wonderful Scott, and me of course!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ooh La La

So I've had this song in my head ever since I saw the Suave commercial. I love that commercial! I think it's cool that they depict a stay at home mom looking good and happy, with awesome hair! Btw, a new haircut picture of me to follow! I got it cut yesterday and I love it!!!
Pixie says "la la" all the time with her tongue sticking out, so we both rocked it to this song tonight! Dance around and enjoy! But disregard the album title, it's a bit rude. ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Compost Pile and My Composting Brain

So, I said I was going to make a compost pile in the near future. I did! I started digging holes one morning a few days ago before it started raining. I knew the rain was coming and that Scott would be home soon, so I started and he helped me finish when he came home from work. It looks great! I just put old rotting fence posts into the ground, in a triangular shape (Scott's idea so it wasn't as visible from the house), and put chicken wire around it. I also found a great stirring stick and put that in. Scott mowed the lawn the first time of this season using our newly acquired Snapper mower. We put sticks in the bottom of our compost and then used the grass/leaf clippings for our next layer. It's all ready to go and I would have a lovely picture for you, but I do not...and this is why...

My brain is also composting. I can't remember ANYTHING anymore! I used to pride myself on the fact that I had a great memory, my mom used to call me her brains. This has gotten worse since Pixie was born. So the reason I don't have a picture of my lovely rotting cage? It is because I did take that picture, but I somehow left the brand new camera on the hammock, thinking I brought it in the house, and it rained and rained and rained before Scott found it out there. We haven't touched it yet, we're hoping that it might dry out and be fine. The water has disappeared from behind the screen, but we're still waiting another day to find out.
Another example of my failing brain:
We went to visit my parents the other day and I called Becca to pick up some things to take to them on the way. In the 5 minutes I got off the phone with Becca and started on our way, I forgot to tell Scott to stop by her house. I didn't realize my forgetfulness until we almost made the entire 40 minute drive. The bad thing is that Scott has always had a worse memory than I have, so I can't count on him either.
That's my story. I will let you know when I find out the fate of our camera...and my brain.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green Toys Giveaway!

A Psych Mommy is hosting a giveaway from Green Toys!
These toys aren't only safe for our children, they are created from recycled materials and made in our own country! Check them out! I found out that Gap nearby me carries them and I'm on my way! :)
Go here and enter to win this Cookware and Dining Set!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Free Tote from Earthbound Farms

Earthbound Farms is giving away totes to the first 10,000 people who sign up to take their pledge.
Go here, click "take the pledge", click on a sunflower, check to add to your pledge, then click finish and enter in your information!
You can never have too many bags!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We Have Reached The End!

Alright, so I don't think we really took into account what was on the calendar for the second week of our weight loss goal. We did well the first week, then last weekend Scott went on a caving trip for school, Sam came into town on Tuesday and wanted to go to a pizza buffet, and it was Pixie's birthday yesterday.
So, I did really well with working out the beginning of this week. I worked out Monday-Wednesday, then circumstances beyond my control arose and I missed my window to go work out. Today I "could" have, but I hate going on Saturday in the afternoon! It's so busy. Poor Scott seemed to have lost his motivation this week and I don't think he went to the gym once. How sad are we? Are we really that flaky?!? I didn't keep all the rules to a tee, but I was really good with the sugar thing and portion control, until the birthday last night. I went into this not expecting to lose ANYTHING, but I lost 4 pounds! We ate too much junk today, so I'm not counting tomorrow's weight, unless by some miracle I am less. :)
I have been 4lbs down the last two days so that's real weight loss! Hooray! And "they" say that 1-2 pounds a week is healthy weight loss.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pixie is ONE!

Today is Pixie's first birthday! At first I wanted to do a nice get together at the lake house, then I decided to do a party just with my family...then my mom got sick. So, we were going to do one here with Becca's family...and Becca gets sick last night. We have been planning on doing a joint party with Scott's family.
The day started out as any other day. I woke up when I heard Pixie, went in and hauled her into bed with me to try and get her to nurse a bit. Then we changed her diaper and she played while I fixed breakfast. This girl and her books!

Since we have stake conference at church on Easter Sunday at 10am (have to be there early too!), I decided to make an Easter festive breakfast. There is an egg, sheep, bunny, mouse, and chick with chocolate chips for eyes.

Pixie loved them. Three chocolate chips go a long way on a baby!

I decorated the cake. I didn't have the right tip to make polka dots, so they look like chocolate chips. :( Over all I think it wasn't bad for someone with NO cake decorating skills!
The middle tier had raspberry filling and the pink icing was tinted with raspberry jam.

We ended up having a small party with Scott's grandparents. It was very relaxed and wasn't overwhelming for Pixie.

I don't think she knew what was coming!

Isn't this face priceless? She didn't know what the heck we were doing, giving her something like that!

Pixie is very deliberate and careful with things usually. No smashing this smash cake!

She was just picking of icing with her finger, so I cut the cake and took most of the icing off.
(Poor baby has bruises on her face. For some reason she has decided to be klutzy this last week and we can't figure it out! She'll crawl too fast, right into things too!)

She's getting into sharing or maybe she was showing me what she has. She does that a lot too!

She finally got the idea of presents, but she wouldn't let the bunny her great-grandparents gave her out of sight! She kept hugging it and laughing.

This is a Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle. She thought it was a book and was trying to open it.

The bunny.

She's gotten one in so far!

Of course, the wrapping is the best part!

Free For Shipping- Nursing Cover!

I heard about this great deal! For 7.95 shipping you get a nursing cover from Udder Covers
Go to, click the "shop now" button, enter "onefree" in all lowercase and it will pop up your choices! They retail for $32 plus shipping! I learned about it from other mamas on diaperswappers and just ordered mine.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A New Name

Since I am visiting more of a variety of blogs and discussing things with people I don't know, I thought it was time to give my baby a code name. My daughter's new name is..."Pixie". She is cute and impish just like a pixie, so I thought that was the perfect name.
I have edited all of my posts and have deleted all old comments with her real name in it, no offense anyone whose comments they were! You can go re-comment if they were more recent, but I thought this would be easier than hassling all of you to update all your comments.
So, for now on, please refer to my baby as "Pixie" in all your blogger related writings!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Check Out Our Culinary Skills!

Have you heard? The amazing trio of chefs have come together for a blog that will rock your taste buds! All of our recipes are vegetarian/vegan/vegan friendly, but you do not have to be a veggie to appreciate them! We love to make healthy foods tasty. Vegetarian food does not have to be boring, tasteless, or too one-spice-dimensional.
Check us out!

My Thoughts (and actions) on "Going Green" and Saving Money

It is both popular to keep up with the fads..and hate them. This is why I love and don't love the "going green" fad. I'd like to say that I hope this isn't just a fad. It should be a way of life.
Those of us who have been raised on these principles roll our eyes at the shock of "bright" ideas to save money. We also shake our heads at the "new" ways to lessen our carbon footprints.
First I tackle my take on "going green".

I have been taught many things about using natural and organic products since I was born really. I was raised a vegan/vegetarian and my parents owned a health food store before I was born. We always had a garden, hung our laundry (probably because we were poor, but my Mommy and I still love to hang it anyway!), had a compost, and ate as natural foods as we could. In this way it annoys me that people are just getting the idea because of a fad. On the other hand, I love this fad! It makes natural products more abundant, accessible, and more affordable. The whole supply and demand thing. What I DO NOT like is the big conglomerates using this green popularity to promote their products, which are not natural. Who cares if a cleaner has natural products added to it?!? It's like taking bleach and squeezing some lemon juice in it. Really? People, read labels. Usually if the label has a major hazard warning, it's not safe and natural! Many natural products say it's safe to use around pets and to just flush eyes if you get anything in them. Even essential oils aren't good in your eyes!
For an example, here is a warning label from an Oust Air Sanitizer I have and am throwing out.

CAUTION: Avoid contact with food and food utensils. Avoid contact with eyes. Before using product throughout your home, use in one room and wait 24 hours to ensure that no one has any physical reactions to the product.
Asthma and Allergy Sufferers: Consult your physician before using this product in your home. Before spraying, remove birds. After use, ventilate normally prior to returning birds to treated areas.

What? WHAT?!? Crazy, I know.
These are the ways I have begun to make my home a "green home:
  • I shut off a light when I leave the room. I was raised this way.
  • I reuse scrap paper.
  • Trying to use more reusable containers, instead of plastic wrap and bags.
  • I use a resuable water bottle.
  • I use reusable shopping bags when I remember. When I don't, I reuse the plastic ones in my home a few times and then recycle them at the store.
  • I use as much organic food as possible. Belonging to a local buying club (co-op) makes this really affordable and sometimes cheaper than conventional products in the store.
  • I use natural cleaners, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, brushes, baby cream, lotion, etc.
  • I use cloth diapers and wash them in natural detergent. I have started to hang them outside since it's getting warmer. The sun naturally bleaches them and leaves them smelling wonderful.
  • I make my own flannel wipes and a solution out of natural products and essential oils.
  • I recycle what I can. #1 and #2 plastics, glass, newspaper, and cardboard.
  • I use a sponge in the kitchen instead of paper towels. I assign towels to certain things. I throw my sponge in the microwave for two minutes to sanitize at the end of the day.
  • I am researching non-toxic toys for Pixie. I bought her an organic bunny for Easter.
  • I have bought some of the materials to have Scott make me a compost pile.
  • I shop less at super stores if money allows. I hardly ever go to Wal-Mart.

How I am Saving Money

Every show on TV has had a piece on this! I've seen Dr. Phil's and Oprah's recently. I was blown away! Oprah couldn't believe that you could "rent" movies for free from a library! Unless you live in Orem, UT..they charge $1!!
  • I pretty much grew up in a library, we never bought our own books or movies.
  • I always buy clothes second hand, at discount stores, or on clearance. Even sales aren't good enough for me, unless I need something specific or for a special occasion.
  • Limit my trips to the store.
  • Eat less, cook more-buying bulk ingredients makes a difference.
  • We only go to the dollar theater or rent from Red Box.
  • Buy from our buying club and get wholesale pricing.
  • Again, cloth diapering. I have spent <$370 for my diapers (plus wipe solution, detergent, and water for wash 2 a week). I have figured out that it would be over $500 for Wal-Mart brand diapers for ONE child for a year, not including wipes. These cloth diapers will go through MULTIPLE children and the majority are one size ranging from 8-30lbs or so. Will last until potty training!
  • Use coupons. Okay, I don't use many because I already get my food discounted through the buying club, but I do buy coupons on eBay to use on some staples. Every time I buy online, I do a google search for coupon codes. You can save a lot!
  • Research, research, research. Wether it's baby items or a new digital camera. Research so that you will buy the right one the first time. This will save you time, money, and hassle.
  • Buy sale items in bulk, but only the things you use. Almost never buy something just because it's on sale!
  • Garage sale! But again, only buy what you need. Don't be afraid to ask to come down on prices. I'm learning to negotiate. Don't be afraid to offer half the price on a "buy it now or best offer" on eBay. I got Scott some 0 degree sleeping bags (that zip together!) for his BD a few years ago that way! I wouldn't have been able to afford them otherwise.
  • Be patient. Look for that good deal.
  • If it doesn't matter, buy store brands.
  • Buy good deals on Christmas and BD presents throughout the year and save them.
  • If you have the time, sign up for survey sites! I get so many free products, some money, and free magazines!
  • We turn down the heater a few degrees at night. I have figured out how to program it!
  • I will turn down my water heater temp in the summer.
  • I always grow something every year. I kept an herb garden through this last winter and am going to be planting a garden with Becca at her house this year.
So...have any other good tips I left out? Do share!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goal Update

So far we're doing okay with our weight goal. We've had a few set backs already, but all in all we're coming out of it well! We started off the week great, then Tuesday Sam and Chris came to visit for the day. Actually, I usually go to the gym during Pixie's morning nap, but Scott went with Stephen up to the Lake House to get his truck that broke down there months ago. Anyway, I didn't get to go to the gym that day and we went out to eat. I didn't eat any desserts and we still stayed within our daily calorie limits! Hooray!
Wednesday Scott didn't work out because..he's lazy? :) Stephen wasn't feeling well and I guess Scott didn't want to go alone. I worked out though! I beat my record too, I burned 580 calories in an hour (with a 5 minute cool down).
Last night was our first RS book club meeting. I picked Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell for this month. Only two people came because of sickness, one hadn't ever read it and the other did a long time ago. Haha, so it wasn't a huge discussion! I did bring a treat for it, I decided to make a dish inspired by the theme of the book. I don't cook with fish and making sushi rolls would be too expensive and time consuming (besides I didn't get the idea until it was too late!), so I made a pineapple crisp. It was pretty low in fat too, only 240 a serving, and it was good.
So far I've stayed in my calorie limit and this morning I was 2lbs lighter than when we started on Sunday morning. Time will tell if it's water weight or not!
Scott is at the gym as we speak and Pixie just went down for a nap. I looked outside and all of the sudden it went from a snow blizzard. AH! I can't believe it was 68 on Monday. Oh well, I think I'll work out from home today!