Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pixie's Serenade

Pixie and I are home today, as Scott's always working far away in our old town on Saturdays. 
I got up the energy to start going through Pixie's toys and clothes and start organizing everything. She was helping me a lot (I was hiding the things I was bagging to get rid of!) and she came across the child's guitar that Scott has had for years. 
I took a break and went on my laptop to check something. Pixie decided to take a break too, and serenade me. I quickly went and got the camera, then asked her to sing me another song.
She has a cold, so she isn't as easy to understand and I think her nose started running during the song.
I thought it was cute anyway. Here is what I got from the lyrics of "Pixie's Song".

Pixie's Song:
Is really fun and I really sing a song.
Then I really say sorry.
And I found the castle! When I see the things. And I see the lights.....E,F,G.
And I found that letters are E,S,B and W and H and healthy, Q and S and Q!
And I hear the presents not talking. And when I....when my mom told me to open the presents on Christmas. And my mom told me Christmas is over!
And I see the coats when I was found the coats and singing a really quick song.
How I want to....and I be a...when I found the...when I found the blankets and give it to me, when I was being alone.
When I was singing really of my song

Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Day Photos

I'm very late posting Christmas pictures, but here they are! Christmas fell on a Sunday, so Pixie was very good waiting to open presents. Scott gets home exactly when we have to leave and rush to church. I didn't know how she would react, but was very pleased. We took some pictures in front of the Christmas tree before church.
(FYI, I did not ask her to pose!)

I found her Christmas dress on eBay (Hannah Andersson) for a steal. I made the flower clip to go with it.

Scott took a few after we got home. I thought this one was funny because neither of us were ready!

Don't you just love this daddy/daughter photo?

I shopped for Christmas very early, so in my opinion Pixie was spoiled. She opens one gift at a time, then plays with it, before going for another. Opening presents was an all afternoon affair. We even took a break and went back. Of course we saved the really cool presents until the end (you know, like a Rapunzel doll, Littlest Pet Shop, real ceramic tea set, tinker toys, Play-Doh, etc), so we didn't get any pictures of her opening those. We got bored with taking pictures and the battery was dying. She appreciated all of her presents, which was nice. 

Got her own mat to do Pilates with me!

The women in a department that Scott manages, gave her a basket of presents. It was really sweet.

It was a little strange being at home the entire day for Christmas. We did get to go visit my parents the day before, so that was nice. Christmas was very low key and relaxing this time around!