Thursday, August 6, 2009

Keeping the Sparkle in Your Marriage

There was a mini class I attended at a church Relief Society event about marriage. I came across this list I had kept from the class and thought I would share. Read it with your spouses and maybe you'll both get some ideas!

Keeping the Sparkle in Your Marriage
  1. Express appreciation to your spouse for little things he/she does that you often overlook.
  2. Say three nice things about your partner today- to your partner.
  3. Touch your partner non-sexually three times today, just to show you care.
  4. Try a little humor. Think of something funny, a joke or something cute about your kids.
  5. Make his favorite dessert this week.
  6. Buy her a few flowers on the way home from work.
  7. When shopping, buy your spouse a 'treat', just so he/she knows you're thinking of him/her.
  8. Ask her today one thing you could do that would make her happy.
  9. Offer your services in helping with the children before bed time.
  10. Open the car door for her.
  11. Hold her hand.
  12. Tell your spouse he/she looks nice today.
  13. Call him/her from work just to say hello.
  14. Go out on a date together once a week.
  15. Leave town together (without the kids) every four months.
  16. Leave town as a family for vacation twice a year.
  17. Say thank-you for meals prepared.
  18. Surprise your partner with a night out on the town, reservation at a local motel, or a birthday party.
  19. Hug your partner twice a day.
  20. Leave a little note that says thanks or expresses appreciation or love.
  21. Develop a hobby or outdoor activity together.
  22. Do something with or for your spouse, even if you don't want to.
  23. Take a walk around the block with your partner daily.
  24. Tell the kids how much you appreciate their mother or father.
  25. Sneak a snack into your bedroom that the two of you can eat without giving it away to the kids.
  26. Do a chore around the house, even if it's not your agreed upon responsibility or turn.
  27. Give her an extra $20, just to spend on herself.
  28. Take the phone off the hook so you can just be together.
  29. Designate six hours of one day a week as spouse care time.
  30. Tell your partner he/she still excites you.
  31. Spend 20 minutes each evening reviewing the day and just chatting informally.
  32. Watch a TV program together, side by side.
  33. Say something decent when you first meet at the end of the work day.
  34. Ask how you can assist with dinner and housework, instead of making demands.
  35. Call your wife and tell her to forget dinner- you're taking her out to eat.
  36. Tell your spouse you appreciate all that he/she does for you.