Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Camera Outcome...and Easter?!? Yep.

So, I never told you what became of our camera. I had left it outside on the hammock by accident and didn't remember it until the next afternoon.....two rains later. Scott brought it in and he opened the battery compartment, water came flowing out of it. He took the batteries out and set it aside, hoping that it would make a miracilous recovery. We didn't turn it on for two days or so, then I put it into a bin of rice (I read about doing this) just in case it actually worked. When I turned it on, it worked a little, but the display didn't work. Then I realized it was just turned off! There was a little bit of water in the view finder, but that went away after the rice thing. We haven't noticed ANY difference! How exciting, huh? I was really glad because I never would have done anything like that before I lost my brain. I take care of things and work so hard at saving money and being careful.
So, here are the long awaited compost pile pictures. And, by the way, it's doing very well! No complaints of stinking by Scott yet and Perrin only got something out of it once.

The family playing nicely together!

I don't think I posted Easter pictures either! I'm a total slacker. Here are some..

Pixie vs. the Easter Bunny

Our baskets and such.

Round two with the backup bunny.

Hesitant, yet again. She always needs encouragement.

Adorable dress, huh? It had a matching full length coat and a hat. We didn't use the hat because it looked silly and WAY too big. I put mary jane Trumpette socks on her. This was the day she took her first steps!

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Kizzie said...

Sometimes I secretly hope I drop something in water so I can try that rice thing. I'd never do it on purpose though...I don't think... :)