Friday, October 17, 2008


Today...was one of "those" days. I don't know if I'm going to keep my sanity. I was talking on chat to Becca this morning about our night last went a little like this:
: Still working on teeth?
me: or my destruction

Last night Pixie went to bed at 8, like every other night, but this night was so much fun. I put her to bed in between Ugly Betty ending and Grey's Anatomy starting (I'm really starting to get the ickies from that show, but that's another post). After she was tucked in I sat on the floor and worked on stitching the edges of my flannel baby wipes to go with my cloth diapers. By the time I was done and 10:30 had rolled around, I had gotten up FOUR times to go in to a screaming Pixie. Not fun. At 11pm I finally went into bed and took her with me. She woke me up somewhere between 3-5 times ( sometimes it's as much as 7..I can never remember) and then was wide awake somewhere around 5am. I tried to prolong my sleep and drug her with the melatonin of nursing, but it didn't work. I finally got up at about 6:45, changed and dressed her, then put her in her Exersaucer while I tried to get some more sleep. It didn't work, she cried after 5 minutes.
She went down for another nap at 8:30am, I tried to sleep...couldn't...then Scott came home from work.
Pixie was just so cranky. We both went back in for a nap at 11:30am and this time I finally fell asleep! Pixie slept for 2 hours. Too bad I was lying in there trying to sleep so long, I could have gotten a lot done.
I didn't get out of my PJs and shower until 3pm and the only time I got out of the house was to run to the post office.
Pixie's humor got a bit better while I was making a late lunch and then at 5pm she was so tired she fell asleep while Scott was carrying her around the house in one arm. She took a ten minute nap and then was up all the way until I finally put her down at 9pm. She has woken up once already.
Really? This better be teething. And if it is, it better be done soon! I have only gotten one 4 hour stretch from her at night in the past month.

Check out this article, it's short. I wonder if there's anything to it?
I mean, I'm a pretty happy person and I haven't had any really depressing times since after the postpartum period when Pixie was so difficult, but it's really interesting and I love funny movies!

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Rebecca said...

Interesting article. I'd bet that it's true.

Don't worry. The teeth will pop through and you'll have a little bit of respite before the next ones come in.

I think mine lived partially on milk and partially on teething tablets those days.