Monday, October 13, 2008

A Real Date

Today Scott and I went on a real date!
Scott asked me out on Friday and we arranged a babysitter (Becca) for tonight.
We dropped her off, happily ran to the car in the rain, and went to our dinner reservation.
Yes, I said reservation. It sounds so much more official and fun that way!
We went to an Italian restaurant we've never been to here in town. Our waitress was amazing, she didn't write anything down and was a wealth of information on practically everything. It was great.
We gorged ourselves on WAY too much food and still had leftovers.
Afterwards, we decided to go to the mall to check out the renovations. It's still a mess and not as much as I thought would be done was, but it was fun to walk around and look at stuff with just the two of us. Our JC Penney got a Sephora too! I'm so happy about that!
Tomorrow should be fun too, I'm getting a haircut! We shall see....


Kizzie said...

Yay for real dates after having kids!! I'm glad you guys had a good time!
Take a before picture of your hair so I can see how much you cut off! Go drastic! It's fun!!
Love you!

The Palmers said...

Real dates are awesome! Yay on the haircut too. My favorite part is the shampoo!