Friday, October 17, 2008

The Kitchen Sink

I was chatting with my Mom online today and realized I needed to finally get to my dishes while Scott was taking care of Pixie. So, I decided to just put on my futuristic bluetooth headset and call Mom while I did dishes. I filled one side of the sink with water and started to wash, when all of the sudden I heard a gushing sound. My first thoughts were..our toilet doesn't sound like that, neither does the shower, nor the refrigerator when it's filling up with ice water, and the washing machine isn't on....AAHHH! I whipped open the doors from under the sink and saw water washing down the everywhere. I grabbed a cleaning bucket I had under there to catch most of it. At first I thought that the seal on the drain broke, but as I called Scott over he realized it was the hose from the water pipes that flew off from the connection to the faucet. It looked like a waterfall down the walls. He told me to shut the valve, but it was stuck, so he came over and used his manly strength to shut it. I am SO glad I was standing there when it happened and that it wasn't in the middle of the night or when we were gone. I would have had a flooded kitchen instead of some soggy cleaning supplies.
We need a part for it, so I won't have hot water in the kitchen for a little while. I don't mind. I've lived with worse for a lot longer!


Kizzie said...

good thing you were home when it happened! One reason I'm afraid to buy a house...I like having maintenance come and fix things for me! I just better live close to home, so my dad and brothers can fix it for me!!

Rebecca said...

Do you have a part yet? You didn't tell me about this!

The background of your blog behind this post is perfect.