Friday, October 31, 2008

My Halloween

My day started off like any other day. I ran out to pick up some things before naptime and didn't get everything before Pixie got tired and I needed to go home.
Nova had been going crazy at the windows all morning and I found out why at about noon when I was taking the trash out. Our neighbor who rents from Stephen has a puppy (even though she's not supposed to) and it was outside loose with another puppy that was SO skinny.
I put them in my fenced backyard and left a note on her door when she didn't answer my knocks.
They were back there for over two hours and I realized she was home, but wasn't answering the door. Stephen came over to do something and she finally came out. Scott told her about her puppy, she claimed she didn't know he was gone, and he asked if she had a second. She said no, but went to take him from me. I told her that we'd take care of them and asked her for more information. She seemed reluctant, maybe because Stephen was standing there or because she thought that I was the one that called the humane society on her, but I got out of her that he was being bottle fed by some guy up the street and she didn't think he wanted him. I wasn't going to give him back to someone who didn't take care of him and I know the people she hangs out with are probably druggies, so we're trying out a puppy for a few days before we make a decision.
He is adorable and has a cute personality, but I know what it's like to raise and train a puppy..and with a 6 month old baby too? Yikes. Although, I have been thinking about getting another dog since I'm home so much. I just didn't know he would fall into my lap. I hope we get a bigger house soon! He's only 6.5 lbs right now. Any ideas for a name?

This is him curled up on my stomach.

The bad thing is that we had an extra kennel that Nova was kinda too big for and she figured out how to escape from, but we donated it to a second hand store last month! We stuck the puppy in a box with another weighted box on top of that and hoped it held while we went to the church activity. Good thing he's not big!

I had planned Pixie and my costumes for a while. She was a caterpillar and I was a monarch butterfly. We were the best dressed! We visited for a while, there wasn't a big turn out, and then went trick or treating for half an hour with Scott's brother before Scott had to go to work. Oh, and you should be proud of me. I only ate one cupcake and one mini Twix!

That's us! Pixie's costume was obscuring her face.


Rebecca said...

What a cute picture! And Perrin looks a whole lot better now. What a little cutie, both baby and doggie!

alyysa said...
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