Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saying Goodbye

I had to say goodbye to my Sammy. It's so sad!
Friday Scott, Pixie, and I went to Zona Rosa to meet Sam, Danny, and Kelly for dinner and to say goodbye to Sam before her big journey to tackle West Hollywood on her own.
Thank goodness I planned to be down there 30 minutes early because we ended up getting into two traffic jams. One because of an accident for 10 minutes, the second because of road work that wasn't being worked on for 30 minutes. All before Platte City! And it was raining cats and dogs. In fact, it's been raining cats and dogs for pretty much over a week now. I can still say though that my prior post about rainy days still holds true, but I have resisted the urge to eat cookies and watch movies every day.

We finally got to Zona Rosa only 15 minutes late. Pixie had been screaming for a while when we were in the jam because she was bored, then fell asleep 10 minutes before we got there. Why does that always happen? We had a nice dinner and then we parted ways for about 30 minutes while Sam and Danny checked out Kelly's new place before he had to be at work.
Scott and I walked along in the pouring rain with our little umbrellas. I really want a giant umbrella...I would probably have to get super skinny for this one to keep all the rain off of me.
We ducked into BabyGap just as sirens went off for tornadoes! There was this lady in the store that couldn't understand why there could be tornadoes in the rain and that it was too cold for it and all...I tried to tell her that we were in the midwest and it didn't matter, that we can get all crazy weather coming from all directions, but she just got huffy and upset! She kept saying "Yes it does matter! You need to have heat! Yes, it does matter!" as she walked off. It was pretty funny. I guess she didn't understand that it's more of a thermal thing. Plus, it wasn't cold anyway, it was muggy. We walked around and I drooled over the adorable baby clothes.
Really, Pixie was the one doing the actual drooling, but I was mentally drooling.
We waited for the rain to die down. It didn't. So when Sam notified us that she was back, I took Pixie and braved the rain while Scott crossed the street to go to Game Stop first.
We went to Latte Land and all four of us split a wedding cake cookie and another kind of cookie. Boy, it was yummy. We hung out there for a little while and then parted ways.
It was pretty quiet on the way home.
I miss you already, Sam! Good luck!

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Kizzie and Andy said...

I'm glad you guys had a good last night out, why did we all have to grow up and move away!? I miss you girls so much!! I'm really excited for Sam though!
now on to planning a girls vacation! :)
Lets talk soon, I miss you a lot! Love ya!