Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nap Time

I just put Pixie down for her morning nap and Scott said he had to use the restroom."No, you can't! She's not asleep yet. She'll see you. You have to crawl." I snickered as I watched my husband slink on his hands and knees past the crib. Hehe...that was worth it even if he didn't have to crawl.
To get to our bathroom you have to go through the bedroom and we only have one bedroom.
We have to be really quiet when she's asleep. I have to leave the bathroom door open because it creaks and I can't do dishes really because you can hear everything from there through the bathroom and Pixie is a light sleeper.
Can't vacuum, put away laundry, make my bed, clean my room or the bathroom,
take a shower, run the hair dryer, or even flush the toilet.
Isn't nap time when you're supposed to get all your work done?

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Kizzie and Andy said...

Sad...you're forced to do quiet restful things during naps! :)
But seriously, I look forward to naps so I can get things done and not have to worry about Avery getting into things. I don't know what I'd do without nap time!! My house would be a little messier I think!