Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 Things

Kizzie tagged me:

3 Joys :

-People close to me

-My home

-Playing with Pixie, especially when I make her laugh.

3 Fears:

-Failure. Failure at life and everything...etc.

-That I'll never be skinny again!

-That I'll decide I made a mistake becoming a mother after having multiple children and seriously wanting to run away forever!

3 Obsessions :

-These 100 calorie Fit & Active pudding cups. Yum.

-Wearing matching clothes. Even if it's to bed.

-Scott. Trying to spend every minute with him that I have.

3 Surprising Facts About Me :

-I have on a few occasions (before I got married), put makeup on at night before I went to bed to feel pretty and human.

-I can stick my legs straight out while sitting and put the bottoms of my feet completely together mirroring each other.

-I'm a darn good cook. :) I threw a shepherd's pie together tonight and it was SO savory and tasty.

3 People I tag:





Rachel Evans said...
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Rebecca said...

Now I remember you said you tagged me. Jen did too, a couple of months ago. I'm definitely going to do this!

Rebecca said...

Um...the fact that you are an awesome cook is NOT surprising. :D