Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Labor Day at the Lake

Labor Day was nice and relaxing. We went up to the lake house at after church on Sunday and just our little family was there from Monday afternoon until we went home on Tuesday afternoon. Pixie decided to take 2-2 1/2 hour naps on Monday and went to bed and stayed asleep for a long time! Maybe it was all the fresh air. After Pixie went to sleep, Scott and I left the door open and had a campfire. It was nice.

Scott won't let me post pictures of the lake house on here until Grandma Maridee comes out and sees it for herself. So, I had to crop the pictures. This is the view from our back yard. It's on an inlet of the lake and there is as preservation across the way.

Aww...look at my cabbage patch baby!

Nova had tons of fun exploring. This is here down by the waterfront.

I hadn't showered the whole time we were there. Icky. This is my idea of camping!

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