Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update on the Last Few Months!

 I know I've been absent..a lot...from my blog lately. We had a pretty nice summer. I visited our stake's girls camp and went on the youth conference trip to Nauvoo, IL. Two days after I returned from youth conference, I discovered we were expecting baby #2. It's so exciting and I had high hopes of this pregnancy being different (better), but it has been exactly the same so far. I found out when I was less than 4 weeks along, so knowing for this long has been torture! Of course, I would have known pretty soon after that because around 5 weeks along, I started getting morning sickness. Which, I just call pregnancy sickness, since it's all day. I'm currently 13 weeks and it's starting to taper off. I hadn't heard about taking Unisom and vitamin B6 before for morning sickness, until the midwives/doctors at this hospital told me. It has helped greatly in the not actually throwing up as much part. I have actually gained two pounds in the first trimester, instead of losing 10!

Pixie is pretty insistent that the baby is a sister, but we're preparing her for a brother as well.
My due date is on Pixie's birthday, April 10th. Which is pretty cool I think! That will make exactly 4 years between them. She has been such an amazing child during all of this. She allows me to sleep in and is so sweet. She'll even bring me food (snacks or apples) and throw things away for me, without asking.
I can't imagine how much worse this would have been if she was a year younger!

Scott went in with his two siblings and we flew out his grandma. She's like a grandmother to me and I love her to bits. I never got to know any of my grandparents and they are all gone now.
We had SO much fun with her while she was here for a week. I wish I felt better, but it was nice to not be alone with Pixie all the time. Pixie just adores her great-grandma.
We knew we were going to have to get a big bed for Pixie, with the new baby coming, but Scott did it even earlier so that Grandma had a place to sleep. We found a coiled futon mattress with awesome reviews on Amazon, for a very reasonable price. Then Scott got lumber and made a platform bed. It's not painted yet, but it's cool! Now that Grandma is gone, Pixie has a full-sized bed to herself. I admit, I sneak in there and lounge on it quite often. It's firm, so it's nice on my back. I'm thinking a king sized one is in my bedroom's future. :)
During Grandma's visit I had a prenatal appointment for the baby's heartbeat. Grandma got to come, it was so neat. We had been preparing and explaining to Pixie what a heartbeat was, so she knew what it was when we heard it. It was cool. I don't think it's completely hit me yet, but there is a baby in there!

Here are some pictures from Grandma's visit. Pixie fell asleep on her one evening! It was adorable.

Scott took a day off of work and we went into the city. We visited a children's farmstead. This calf was only a few months old. She was cute. Pixie wouldn't pet her head because she was majorly licking my arm..almost gave me tongue burn! They're so rough. (Pregnant or fat? Haha...probably both. Pregnancy doesn't like me at all!)

For anyone who has known Pixie since before age 3 will be shocked and amazed at these photos. This is a child who would go up to almost any animal as a baby, but scream if a person approached her. At 2 we couldn't go within 20 feet of men in the store, without screaming. They didn't even allow parents to go up to the loading dock. She walked up and let the guy put her on the pony. AMAZING!

I just love this photo. Sorry, dear! Grandma and I were sitting down on a bench, a little worn out, while they fed the koi in the pond.

We took a trip to the new Trader Joe's and I instantly fell in love. I just wish it wasn't an hour away!
After that we visited a park in a very well-to-do area. We saw nice things and nannies. Then we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was amazing, as always. I have to get the avocado egg rolls every time I go. I can make them myself, but they take quite a bit of effort. I did something different and got an alfredo dish. I almost never buy pasta out, but it was so good. Plus, there's no way I would add that much fat to my own!

We miss you, Grandma! We hope to see you in the spring, with a new addition!


She's in the kitchen! said...

So glad you were able to have a fun time with Maridee. She looks like she had a ball. That farm looks wonderful!

Cantwell Chaos said...

How awesome! And way to go, Pixie, for riding that pony on her own!!

I'm like you, I find out I'm pregnant right away and then it seems like the pregnancy takes ages to pass. I'm so glad I'm nearing the end of mine! Yay! 7 more weeks left!