Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It Feels Like Fall!

 Even though autumn has been officially here, it hasn't felt like it in the Midwest. Last weekend our weather turned from extremely dry and in the sunny 80's, to overcast drippy days in the 40-50's. Last night was our first frost scare, coming dangerously close to a freeze. Some areas did dip down that low. I harvested my bunches of green peppers yesterday (so sad leaving those little buds there to wither!) and will be bringing in my green tomatoes, all in hopes that they will ripen. I have plans for them all if they don't, however.
Since fall has fallen, Pixie and I have made two soups this week. The first, a vegetarian italian sausage tortellini soup, the second was a vegetarian potato 'bakon' soup.

Here are a few pictures with my tiny chef. She was in charge of tearing off the leaves of fresh herbs and putting them into the soup.

I know this picture might scare some, but the burner was off and I'm always right there with her. Pixie is seriously the most careful and calculating child I've ever known!

This is the first holiday we have decorated our front porch for. I finally got my candy corn decoration on the door!

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