Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home in Progress

So, my intention was to show before and after pictures of each room in our house as I finished it. Well, here are before and 'progress' pictures. It's just taking too long to do it all! We went on hiatus to start doing the gardening and landscaping, now we're putting it off to start on the basement. 

I painted the dining room and kitchen walls (our bedroom too, but I'm waiting for furniture and new carpet for the transformation pictures). The dining room and kitchen were two different colors, so I had to prime first. It took about 4 coats total! Quite the pain. Eventually I want to paint the living room (maybe!) and definitely the trim, but that will have to wait. I reused lots of our furniture, hiding all of it's falling apart flaws, but we did get to pick out a new leather double reclining sofa, glider/recliner chair and dining room table. I love them! We took forever to find exactly the right ones at the right price.

Haven't found my candles for my candlesticks yet....

Our first picture we've picked out together. We looked through hundreds, maybe even a thousand, prints before I settled on this one. I like it because it's not too realistic, but not too abstract. Perfect! It's called "Aspen Glow". I recycled a frame from a print I found at Salvation Army for $7, just cleaned it up and applied Old English stain to it. It looked so much better! Frames are so expensive, especially big ones like this!

The kitchen cabinets are a work in progress too...they are taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Framed some prints from our photo shoot with Sam last October after she started up her photography business called Orange Photographie.

This bookshelf is really falling apart, but I rigged it and it doesn't look too bad...

Pixie wanted me to take some pictures of her with Perrin. We never did give him away and I want to keep him anyway. Put a bark collar on him and he's an angel outside, even with the 4 dogs next door.
She loves him and he's good with her, unlike Nova who wants to be alone and finally bit her last week. He's a good watch dog, even though he is a stubborn dummy at times. He's very loving. :)

Anyway, we are still loving our house and can't wait until we just have to maintain it!


Rebecca said...

I love it! So beautiful and open!

The print is great!

Sam said...

Oh my goodness! How lovely!! And Becca's open! And I love your photo collage!!! :) I'm so honored :) Love you!

Kizzie said...

Love it!!! We really need to figure out a time to come down there and see. Isn't it so fun (and SO overwhelming!) to make it exactly how you want!?

Cantwell Chaos said...

The house is beautiful! And I love the furniture! Very nice and open and light. I'm glad you got to keep the dog too! I would love to send you one of my pieces of art (photography) for your new home. But, not sure what your taste is or your color scheme!! I should email you some of them so you can see if you like any of them. I've take some flowers, birds, lakes, sunset, rocks (Colorado), and spiders too. Anyway, enjoy your new home! I miss having you nearby, but I know Father in Heaven needs us where we are!! ((Hugs))