Monday, May 2, 2011


 We had a very nice Easter this year. 

Here is a craft I made for the women I visit teach in church. 

While Daddy was at work on the weekend, Pixie and I did a little decorating. I snipped some branches off of our magnolia tree and we decorated them with sticky backed foam easter eggs. It was fun, easy and cute!

Since Scott doesn't get home from work on Sundays until just before church, we met him there and opened presents later. I found a wonderful Easter presentation on Christ's life and resurrection and showed it to my Young Women group for the lesson. There weren't a lot of dry eyes in there. :)
I also made these 'carrots' and filled them with good Easter candy. I mainly used orange paper, but ran out and used yellow instead. There are yellow carrots, and they are yummy!

Here are a few pictures of us opening the Easter box from Grandma Maridee and Grandpa Dennis. Thank you guys!

I start holiday shopping too early. I tend to forget how much stuff I have!

I gave Scott a little Easter bowl. :)

They decided to take a nap on the back porch, while I talked to my mom and prepared the dye for eggs.

Egg coloring!

We did a little egg hunt in the back yard, but I didn't get any pictures. It had gotten pretty chilly by that time. It was hilarious. Scott went out to hide them, then I took Pixie out. The first thing out of her mouth was "daddy made a mess!" She wasn't sure about putting eggs all over the lawn!

We had our old standard of eggs benedict, consisting of poached eggs, homemade bread toast (no english muffins this year), steamed asparagus and hollandaise sauce for brunch.
For dinner I baked a seitan roast in the crock pot, with tri-color fingerling potatoes and veggies. I also made some roasted asparagus. It was quite the delicious feast!

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