Monday, March 15, 2010

My Busy Weekend

This last weekend was busy and fun. Saturday morning I went shopping by myself (hooray!) and hurried home so we could go to the Saint Patrick's Day parade. That didn't end up happening. It was so cold! It was 40 degrees outside, but we had snow flurries that morning and the wind was whipping cold air all over. On top of that, it was noon and Pixie was exhausted from being up between 1-4am. Again. So we skipped that. I went to a baby shower at 1pm and had a really nice time visiting with the other ladies. I came home around 3pm, took a shower, got into a dress, then left a little after 5pm to go chaperon a seminary scripture bowl/dance. It was a blast. I taught a bunch of girls the EFY line dance we used to do when I was in youth. Even though I never did get to go to EFY. We rocked it on the dance floor and my thighs are still hurting from that line dance! None of them could keep up with me though, I still have it. :)  They were begging me to go to IHOP with them afterward, but Scott had to go to work at 9pm and dropped Pixie off at Becca's. As it was I wasn't going to get back until 10:30, so I had to decline. I got Pixie, went home and put her in bed. I was reminded that DST started the next morning, so that was good. So technically Pixie went to bed at midnight. I remembered that I was teaching Young Women, so I planned my lesson and then went to bed. 
Pixie was a grump all day Sunday. We came home from church, Pixie went down for a nap, Scott went to work, I started on making food for New Beginnings, and preparing letters for the girls..etc. 

Ok, a little background information. As you know, Scott and I are currently in the Pound Plunge weight loss competition. We have been losing ground the last few weeks. Sorry guys! I think it's mostly my fault. I just can't seem to keep losing, even though I still have a little way to go. Scott and I decided we would do a juice/smoothie fast for the rest of the competition. Which was like 11-12 days from Friday. So I started on Friday. The first day I cheated a tiny bit, the second I did super well. Sunday was the third day

Back to my story. So I was making tortilla wraps and had all the ends from them. I didn't want them all to go to waste and Pixie wouldn't touch the stuff. She's not a creamy type of gal. So I figured I would see what happened when I nibbled on a few. Well, it was really weird. I didn't think it would be that bad because it was only the 3rd day, but I felt sick. I felt like I had low blood sugar or something and then I got really hot. It didn't last a long time, but I won't be doing that again! When you come off of this type of thing, you need to do it slowly. Just eat fruit and veggies for a couple of days. So this leaves us with a problem. We have a friend we haven't seen for two years. In that time he has been married and has had a child. They only live 30 minutes away. We've been trying to get together for a few months now and they want to cook us dinner this Saturday. Not sure how that will go, but we'll see!

New Beginnings went well and the tortilla wraps were a huge hit. One of the girls has a father who is a really tall and big guy. He scared the pants off of Pixie. At first he tried to get her to like  him, then he just started terrorizing and teasing her. It got to the point that she was shaking and screaming even when he wasn't in the room. I was glad it was over, so I left as quickly as I could. I thought she forgot about it, but I asked her about the big man when we got home. She got very serious and worried, then said she was sad. I had found out that that man is our home teacher and has been for a long time, but now I'm not too keen on him coming to visit! Pixie has a very long memory. She will not like him for years or if ever. Even if he wasn't big and scary to her. I wish she would just think of people like she does dogs! But then, there are good things about a child being cautious of strangers.

So, today is day 4 of our fast. It has been the easiest day so far. I have read about what to expect on a fast and some of them are true for me already. One of the things is you sleep less. I will feel kind of tired, then get a second wind. Last night I lied in bed, knowing I should be really tired, but I wasn't and I couldn't fall asleep. I did eventually, but it was strange. Today I notice that I have lots of bursts of energy, then I'll kind of get foggy. I think the fogginess is from me not drinking enough water. After I drink, I feel much better. Scott has lost 6lbs so far doing this (of course not all of it is real weight loss), but I have only lost 2. We're just hoping to pull really good numbers on the final weigh in day and maybe lose a couple pounds in the process. Before this fast, Scott had already lost about 35lbs since we started on January 5th!

Pixie is awake. Thus ends my blogging time!


She's in the kitchen! said...

You sure had a very busy weekend! Sorry my little precious had a bad were leary of certain people, mostly men, at her age. But instead of screaming or shaking, you just totally ignored them! Even if they talked nicely, you simply tuned them out! I guess children deal with things in their own way. Give her a kiss from Grandma!

Helmbunch said...

I want to be angry at the big man. I am so sorry for Pixie and for you. I will pray for you all. Wow is all I can say on your progress for the pound plunge. Good Work Guys!!