Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter and Pixie's New Room Pictures

I haven't gotten around to post pictures from Easter weekend. It was a busy one! We worked madly on Pixie's room downstairs and got it finished the night before Easter. We also made a mad dash up to the lake house to haul our bed back so I could have a bed a few nights early. We made it back just in time to throw it in and for Scott to leave for work. This is the almost finished product. We still need to cut a hole for the heater vent and put molding around the door. The hallway and stairs still need to be finished as well, but Scott's been working on the lake house again lately.

Pixie's new room.

You  have to see how the basement was before to appreciate this. The beams were all uneven, there was a lot of work that went into the walls and ceiling! It stays so cool down there. Last night I put her to bed and it was 67 degrees down there, while it was 84 upstairs!

I have to decorate it still. Those projects are coming soon...

She loves  her room!

Easter basket!
 We went down to wake her up (she sleeps awesomely well in her room!) to give her the basket

 For our Easter breakfast I made poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, asparagus, and biscuits. Pixie ate about a dozen asparagus spears. She wouldn't touch the hollandaise.

We then went to church for the first session of General Conference. Just to feel like we've been to church and to wear our Easter outfits! I actually won this dress from Kuki Kids last year.

We had a nice Easter morning, then daddy went to work at 3pm. We went to Becca's house for dinner and had a nice time with them. The end.

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Rebecca said...

We loved having you here!

Pixie looks very happy in her room. You may find yourself sneaking down there to sleep with her if it gets too hot upstairs!