Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Getting To Know You

It's Sunday again! Time for another getting to know ME!
1. What's your favorite Easter candy?
I love good quality chocolate. Dark chocolate with nuts. I used to would have said Reeses peanut butter eggs, but they are WAY too sweet for me now.
2. Who do you think is or women?
Of course it depends on the person, but I lived with girl roommates that weren't the best housekeepers. While Scott lived upstairs with a bunch of guys that cooked, cleaned, and decorated. And no, none of them were gay!
3. Which do you prefer..wordy blog posts or ones with pictures?
I don't mind wordy blogs if I'm friends with the person blogging. Of course I like to see pictures of my friends! I prefer to follow crafty or informational blogs of people I don't know.
4. Were you popular in highschool?
I was home schooled, but I had a large group of friends in church. I was popular with them I would say. And still am. :)
5. What's your bra size?
A little personal here, eh? I'm not shy though. I usually get them from Vicky's (VS) and I wear a 34C from them. Maybe they just like to boost a girl's ego?

6. How many states have you lived in?
7. What's one blog you read every day?
I don't read blogs every day. But I like to keep up to date on my friends/family's blogs a couple times a week.
8. Peanut butter or Nutella?
Hands down, peanut butter. The natural kind, not the crisco kind with sugar. Just roasted peanuts and salt. I am so addicted to peanut butter. It's terrible. I could eat the whole jar probably.
Nutella tastes artificial. I just can't seem to like it.


Kizzie said...

What's with all the bra questions?
I looked on the site and want to do these, but I might just leave out those Andy's parents need to know my bra size!! :)

I can't wait to see you soon!! I can't believe I'm finally coming home!! Woo Hoo!!

Crystal said...

Following you - great answers

Rebecca said...

Dang it, I forgot to do this yesterday. I'll do it next week--but like Kiz, I'll delete the bra questions. Don't want anyone getting jealous. ;)

Even thought you're my sister, there's still a lot I learn about you from these. Fun!