Sunday, March 29, 2009

What's Your Go-To Food?

Pixie isn't a super picky eater, thank goodness, but she sure has gotten pickier lately. I should be counting my blessings because her favorite foods are unusual for this age, I think!
Pixie doesn't like cheese (unless on pizza) or anything cheesy-creamy. No alfredo for this child! She eats everything with tomato sauce on it and recently wolfed down my artichoke heart-lemon-parmesan angel hair pasta. This morning she refused pancakes, which normally she loves.
So, my go to foods (that I KNOW she'll always eat) are:
Falafel (pictured below)
and Stir Fry with Tofu. She love, loves broccoli.

She's a weird child probably. So, what's your go-to food?!?


Kizzie said...

She's SO cute!!!

My personal go-to food right now is any kind of fruit. I love it. most nights I have fruit for "dessert" instead of sweets.
Jack's still in baby food stage, but he does love a good ritz cracker if we're all eating dinner and he's not.
Avery is our picky eater, so his go-to foods are pb&j, bananas, yogurt, any bread really, pasta, and I can always get him to eat some crackers. He's not so much into meat (weirdo...!:) ). So I'm always trying to find something new for him. I'm hoping Jack won't be this picky!

Rebecca said...

Weird child "probably"? Um...who's her mother again? :D

She has good taste. Falafel...mmmm

Go to foods...

For everyone, let's see

Vanilla yogurt, cereal, scrambled eggs, ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese. Great, healthy choices.

Tell Kiz that Avery is just millennial ahead of his time. ;)