Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trails West

Yesterday Sam went with us to an annual festival in Saint Joseph called "Trails West". It's really a down home country event, but I really wanted kettle corn! The venue was Kellie Pickler, so I didn't care about staying for that. I guess in 2002 they had Air Supply..I would have gone to that!
We took the stroller and put Pixie directly into it for the first time, instead of putting her car seat into it. She LOVED it! She's starting to try to sit up, so she did well in it and liked looking at all the hustle and bustle. She only cried for a minute when we sat down and she was getting tired, then she fell asleep when we started walking and slept through all the loud noises.
I was impressed with the amount of trash cans that were there. They had a cardboard trash every few yards and they changed them often. They also had a changing/nursing tent with diapers provided! I didn't have to use it, but it was really nice that it was there.
We saw a van that was being painted with pictures by Vincent Van Gogh. They tagged it "Look at that van gogh". :) I forgot to get a picture of it, but it's going to be a delivery van around town and maybe I'll be able to catch it again.

This was at the eating area. They were selling beer and giving the proceeds to kids charities. We thought that was kinda funny.
My baby and me!

I think she looked so cute in this hat. Look at those baby blues!

So adorable. I love this picture.

Together 3 years, married for 2, had a baby, and we are still lovey.

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Kizzie and Andy said...

How fun, I love going to festivals and stuff. Mostly for the food! Yum! The state fair is coming up and I'm so excited!

Sam said...

We took some great photos! That was a fun day :-)