Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh the genius of Bumgenius!

When I found out I was pregnant, I decided I wanted to look into cloth diapers. That is, once I found out that you don't have to do the prefolds and pins! Besides the saving money factor (you can also reuse these on multiple children), I had read some things on disposables and I don't really like how there is a bunch of chemicals holed up next to my baby's bummy. Also, it just makes me sick thinking that they are all sitting there "not" rotting in a landfill. They do sell those more expensive natural disposables, but they only break down if you put them in your own compost. The landfills are treated too much for any of that to break down I hear.
I researched all different kinds of brands and came to settle on bumgenius.
You use a dry pail, no rinsing or dunking.
We hit it at the right time. The 2.0 one size pocket diapers (from 8-35lbs) were just going out and the 3.0 was coming out with only minor changes. Plus, we found a place in town that was closing them out for $5 off a piece. So, we bought about 18 of them. I wasn't worried. If I didn't like them I would just sell them on Ebay..they were going for just as much or more than I bought them for anyway.

I had heard that with the 2.0 insert it fit best when the baby was at least 12 lbs. So, since newborns have many bowel movements a day, we decided to use disposables until she was around that weight. Flash forward to now and she's about 14 lbs and I'm trying to use up the last of my size 1 disposables before she grows again. Not all size ones are the same, she can only fit into a few now. I swear the pampers 1s are like the parent's choice 2s.
Anyway, I put one of my bumgenius diapers on her last night. I used the bulky folded over insert (the new ones come with a newborn insert for a trimmer fit) and thought I'd wait and see. Since I just haul Pixie into bed with me when she wakes up in her crib at night, I was risking getting wet upon. This morning I took her to be first I thought she didn't wet much and was a bit worried when I felt the inside of the diaper, but then I reached in to get the microfiber insert out and it was soaked! Hooray! A whole 12 hours at night!! Now when she's older I'll probably have to stick a doubler in there too, but I love, love , LOVE Bumgenius! Plus, the come in cute colors too. :)

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Kizzie and Andy said...

I've totally been wanting to try cloth, and for $5 a piece I wouldn't have passed that up either, that's an awesome price!
You'll have to let me know if it keeps going well. Someday when Jack is big enough I'm going to have to try. I've thought of making my own, I've heard it's easy.'s kind of exciting to think about! :)