Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Semi-Sitting and Baby Shorts

Pixie has been trying to sit up. She can do what I call "The Gorilla".
We also realized that she now knows her name. Which, of course, is not really Pixie.
"It looks like she's leaning"

Obviously, Nova misses the limelight.

I just love baby shorts! I found a couple of bags of clothes in the basement that I got a while ago and forgot about. So I went through the clothes she can wear and am getting rid of the ones I don't care for that people gave me.


Kizzie and Andy said...

How much cuter can she get?? She's seriously adorable, and I love her shorts! Isn't it so fun to dress her up? I love dressing babies, it's like having a little doll to dress up and show off!
She's getting so big!

Rebecca said...

Man, you have been busy! Noah is laughing at all the pictures. He loves his little Scarlywarlett.

I totally got the "leaning" reference. Proud much?