Monday, January 24, 2011

Moving Update

So, we're moving this Saturday! That is, if all goes well at the closing on Friday. I'm pretty nervous about that. It's not over, until it's over. 

Good news is, we found renters! And even better, we found rent-to-owners. They are a middle aged couple, whose children are grown. They have only owned their houses and fixed them up, so they pretty much want to do lots of improvements to the house by themselves! They have their own appliances and are even going to finish some of the projects we started. Such a blessing. We were worried we might not get someone to rent before we moved, let alone someone who would pay rent and take care of the place. We have high hopes for this arrangement and hope it works out splendidly. We've heard so many rental horror stories!

Scott went back to work early this morning and I am snowed in again after the storm on Saturday  night. Church was canceled and I was actually glad. While I did have a few things to do there, I wasn't looking forward to being sad about Pixie's last day in nursery here. Silly I know, but when you've had a child that doesn't feel comfortable anywhere, then finally does, it is heartbreaking to take that away from them!

I have many things to do, and nothing you would want to see pictures of, so here. I haven't really grocery shopped in a while, trying to use up reserve so we don't have to move it. I wanted to make an easy Sunday dessert, so I took puff pastry and Amish peaches, and made glazed turnovers! They were surprisingly really delicious.


Sam said...

First of all, you have once again made me salivate over your food that I cannot eat. You're such a tease! Secondly, I'm so glad you've found renters that seem like they will be a good fit! Love you!

Cantwell Chaos said...

Heavenly Father knows exactly what you need, where you need to be and how and when to make it happen! It's amazing as I have seen Him make things fall into place in our lives and now in yours, and in other friends' lives as well. I'm so happy for you that you have renters! Yippee! What a huge blessing! And your pastry looks divine. You're amazing! Good luck with the closing and the moving!