Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Angel in Disguise

I've been hearing about this "Blue Monday" thing going on yesterday, for a while. I didn't believe it, but yesterday was the bluest Monday I have had in..well...since I can remember.

All of you know that we have been preparing for a move. The day (Friday) was coming up and we started to get nervous/excited. Since Scott has been keeping in close contact with the bank, we thought all was fine. Until he called to confirm yesterday that we were all set. Suddenly, this never before seen/heard about list was generated and we were told it's unlikely we'll close Friday. This was so upsetting. Our tenants are taking over on the 1st, they have to be out of their house and we don't want to lose them, so we're looking at being homeless. Not to mention the fees they charge up the nose for not closing in time. 

I cried. I cried a lot. And I haven't gotten much done in the house since then. 
Our real estate agent gave us some hope, and even gave the loan officer an earful. Hurdle after hurdle has come up, just when we thought we were making some progress. It has made me physically ill. 

I had to get out this morning to get information to bring to the loan officer, so after shoveling myself out (and getting a little stuck), I got the Honda out. I dropped Pixie off at her aunt's house, then ran my errands. 

On our way back home, as I turned onto our street, I realized I hadn't shoveled the pile of snow left by the snow plow. It was impossible for me to park on the street and my little Civic will not make it into the driveway. I tried to steer down the street a little and park on the side, so to give me room to shovel and for cars to pass, when the car slid into a large drift of snow. I was stuck. I spent half an hour trying to dig, push, chop and burn my way out, but it was no use. As truck after truck of men passed by, not one stopping to help, I started to think chivalry and kindness were dead at this hour. 

After another round of shoveling and chopping, I saw a man walking down the street. I've seen him walk up and down before, but have never spoken to him. He was older, not well dressed, missing some teeth, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He told me he had seen me struggling and came to help. After trying to push, then stopping to shovel, he had me drive forward over the embankment as he lifted. Within 5 minutes I was free. I rolled down my window and thanked him as deeply as I could. He just kind of nodded, said some pleasantries, then continued walking down the street. 

I know this man doesn't know what that meant to me, but the Lord does. As I drove around the block to park in my now somewhat shoveled space, tears started streaming down my face. 
In the midst of these dark 'blue' days, 
I found a glimmer of hope,
in the act of kindness from my angel in disguise.


Kizzie said...

I'm sorry! Are you going to be able to close on Fri? I know how stressful it is, but once it's over (even if it gets delayed, which would be crummy!) it's such a relief you almost don't care what happened before!

I hope you are able to get everything figured out.

Also, that blue Monday bit sounds about right. Yesterday was HORRIBLE. Yikes, so glad I can blame it on something else besides me being crazy!!! :)

She's in the kitchen! said...

It's so true that the hard things in life are just dealt with, (even if we have to cry), and in hindsight we look at them as simply part of the plan that got us where we need to go. But the kindnesses that we are shown, especially from unexpected sources, are absolutely never forgotten. They sweeten our life forever, and hopefully, make us more aware that blessing the lives of others is a priority....even if it is "only" to help someone out of the snow. I'm so glad that your angel was there for you today.

Cantwell Chaos said...

I sit here in tears thinking of the struggle you have been going through. My heart goes out to you and I wish I could have come to your rescue.
I am so thankful that, when we least expect it, Heavenly Father steps in and sends someone our way. What a most wonderful, sweet, kind man who took the time to help you out. He probably doesn't even know that he was your angel that day. I am praying that the rest of the week and all the paperwork with go smoothly. Good luck. I'm sending hugs across the miles. Miss you so much Karen!

Helmbunch said...

I am so sorry this is being so difficult. In every Helm move, we have had a multitude of things go wrong--we call the character building days--anyway, it seems that just when it is darkest, Heavenly Father sends someone to help. Usually it is someone rough around the edges that years ago I wouldn't have even spoke to, and yet they are the ones to help. I have learned that Heavenly Father really does look out for us--and not to judge by apperances. Perhaps I look quite rough to some as well. You will be in my thoughts and prayers friend--as always.

Rebecca said...

Man, you and Amy--I'm tearing up again for the second time in five minutes!

I'm so thankful for your "angel". :) I love you!