Friday, January 28, 2011

Better Now!

I'm still anxious, waiting for the call to tell us when our closing date is, but I'm better now! 
Scott got to go into the new property with our agent and make sure everything is working. I'm so excited for the new house and all that comes with it...which I will reveal when we actually get in. Our agent has made this whole thing start working. She even reported the listing agent and her bank to whatever realty authorities govern that! They were really mean to her. I guess the listing agent already has a 'record'. Haha. Between them and our loan officer sitting on  it, nothing was being done I guess!

The appraiser came back, checked it all, and it's good to go! Now we have to wait for underwriting. Should be ready Monday or Tuesday. I sure hope the snowstorm that is threatening us those days, will either hold off or go away completely.

There is still a pipe to be fixed in this house, money to scrap up and the logistics of moving around Scott's and the weather's crazy schedules, but I'm done painting and it should be over soon!
Plus today is going to be a gorgeous Spring like day. All I have to do is pack!

I was listening to my YouTube playlist, when this song came up and it completely matched my mood. There are some songs that I just never get sick of, this is one of them.


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