Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallo-Weekend! ~Saturday~

 Saturday morning Pixie opened a Halloween card, specifically address to her from Grandma Maridee and Papa Bear (Dennis). She was so excited for her "present". It was cute. I'm going to keep it and scrapbook it with the pictures of her costume this year.

 Saturday was also Aunt Becca's 32nd birthday. Yes Becca, I posted your AGE! Hehe.
We had been wanting to go to an Indian restaurant that Sam loves, so we took her to the buffet for her birthday. It was nice and yummy, although a bit too spicy for both Becca and Scott.
Then we got ready for the church Fall Festival and the Tinker Bell costume came out again. This time with more sparkles, er...pixie dust. She helped me put it on.

 This is one of those twins I posted about in the last post.

 And here's the other one.

 This is their beautiful mama, Jamie. She has 5 children and is amazing. Pixie adores her, making her the first person outside of our family that she really looks up to. She likes to talk about her and I can get her to do things like not scream while I wash her hair, just by saying Jamie would like it. It's great.
 You can see all the 'pixie dust' she painted onto her eye lids. She tries to put make up on already too.

 This is an awesome friend that I served in YW with for a short time. She's from Venice, but also has lived in Brazil, so she and Scott speak Portuguese together. She's hilarious.
 Here are some of Becca's kids, "the cousins" as we call them with Pixie.
 And this is a brand new baby girl, only 4 days old. I've been her mama's visiting teacher since I've been married and she's the 3rd child born within that time!
 After the ward party, we went over to Becca's for birthday cake and ice cream. Scott went to work at 9pm and we played for a little while longer, before heading home for bed.

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thecrazycantwells said...

The twins have changed so much. Oh how I miss everyone!!