Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallo-Weekend! ~Friday~

 Friday, after the bittersweet dealings with selling the lake house in the last post, we returned home and got ready for a Halloween party at a friend's house. Scott got work off until midnight, so that was nice.
Pixie was Tinker Bell. As if she could be anything else! I'm pretty sure this was the only thing she would wear. Have I mentioned she is already picky about what she wears? Yeah, at 2 1/2. I'm in for it!

 She was upset that the slippers wouldn't stay on, so we wore regular shoes. Pink of course!
 Scott was an old west sheriff (or could pass as Walker Texas Ranger!) and I was his squaw.

 We stopped by Becca's so she could take pictures of us. Pixie did not like leaving her cousin.
 One of the guys from our ward. He's actually the YM President, but this obviously wasn't a church party! This is one of his twins. They were Micky and Minnie Mouse.
 Pixie had a blast running around the yard. It was dark and cold out, but they had swings! She never complained of the cold.. She's getting so much more used to people and will play with other kids now. It's nice. When we pulled up I saw all the scary decorations, music, masks, etc and thought she would freak. She didn't cry once!

 I decided to warm up by doing a fire dance.

 We didn't plan on Scott having the kiss on his cheek, but I was trying out my red lipstick for my second costume and gave him a kiss. We decided to leave it and just say he was in a saloon.

Funny thing was, Scott ran into Walmart after the party and completely forgot about the kiss on his cheek. When I reminded him, he remarked how that's why he was getting smiles and nods from everyone in the store!

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