Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Memorial Day!

Okay, I'm quite a bit late in posting this, but I thought some of you would enjoy seeing pictures.
We went up to the lake house on Sunday night and Becca's family joined us. Our friend, Danny, joined us on Monday. Everyone else left on Monday and we stayed Tuesday night, just with our little family.
We brought Perrin and Nova and Becca's family brought their dog, Romeo, with them. There were already 3 dogs when we got there because Scott's brother's family was there and we didn't know they were staying the night. All SIX dogs were fighting with each other and one of their little dogs barked all night. I was so surprised when Pixie slept through the entire night!

Here was Perrin having the time of his life!

And then here he is again. He was being terrorized by Romeo, so he hid and went to sleep in a bed of poison ivy.

All the boys were having a grand ol' time in the lake. This is Danny making a shot.

And James..

And Scott..we also have a jumping shot of him, which he proudly made.

Pixie and her Aunt Becca

Lion got almost all the way over to the other side, then felt a fish...
look at his face of terror!

Good Uncle Scott brought him back

Lounging (Professor is in there too)..

Lion and Princess drying off

The men making fire..

It's so nice when her aunt takes her!

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