Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pixie is Two!

My baby is two! Pixie's birthday was Saturday. I can't believe how much has changed in the last two years. Pixie is so much easier to take care of now. She handles strangers and crowds better and sleeps through the night usually. She is speaking so much that sometimes it's difficult for Scott and I to carry on a conversation, she loves to sing, and recently has found a burst of energy which comes in the form of running around screaming and jumping. Pixie loves Tinker Bell (fitting, eh?). She loves to pretend play with her dolls and felt food. She still is an amazingly healthy eater, in spite of the fact that she's starting to develop her independence like a toddler does.

We had a party at the park Saturday morning and ate lunch there too. I decided at the last minute to make Pixie's cake into a teapot. I didn't have powdered sugar, so I tried to create my own. It didn't work too well and it was grainy, but I don't like icing anyway! I made a bunch of cupcakes and a dark chocolate ganache to go on them. They were amazing. I had cupcakes from a "gourmet" bakery later on that day that weren't nearly as good as mine!
I won this birthday shirt last year and it fit her perfectly!

Scott's Grandma Janet and Grandpa Jay

Our wonderful neighbors, Mark and Kim.

Our friend, Kara, from church and her little girl. They are moving and we are sad!
Becca and her family

Proof that Pixie finally let her uncle hold her!

Scott and Stephen. Doesn't Scott look so young without his goatee? I miss it, but I'm kinda getting used to it.
Scott's cousins and aunt was there...
Here everyone is playing ring around the rosey.

Cake and presents time! She got so many presents. So many! I found some things at thrift stores and such, so I got her a lot too. I found a $45 dollar brand new Gotz doll for $3!
My mom came and was taking pictures at this point. I didn't get one with her in it. :(
Can you guess that this gift was from Daddy?
Pixie had so much fun. It was unusual for me to go somewhere and not have her wanting me to hold her every second. She ran off and played with the other kids for almost the whole time! She was so tired by the end of it. Scott took her home and got her down for a nap while I rushed over to my sister-in-law's baby shower. It was a good day!


She's in the kitchen! said...

It was such a beautiful day, windy, but warm! I thought the pictures may come out too dark under the pavilion, but they are okay! We all had a great time, especially Pixie, who was almost buried under all those gifts....how fun! :-)

Rebecca said...

That was such a fun day!

Helmbunch said...

I am sad that we missed this day with you all. We were chaperones for the temple trip. Looks like you had a grand time. You are right, Scott does look VERY young when clean shaven.