Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Photo Shoot and Daily Antics

Tonight Pixie and I went to Enrichment Meeting. I'm on the board and was in charge of bringing the snack, so I had to be there at 6. Well, we waited until 6:45 to really get started because there were only about 10 people that showed up...quite a few of us in charge of it! This is a really bad month, we have a good sized ward and usually have a pretty good turn out. Anyway, Pixie was so whiny and I thought I would have to go early, but I put her off. We got home close to 9pm and started getting ready for bed, where we had an impromptu photo shoot in the bathroom. Enjoy!

Pixie wasn't liking this shot!

Some singing involved...

I thought this one was a cute one.


I just love that smile!

She looks like she's going to bite me.

Hanging out in our pajamies.

Such kissable cheeks.

The end.

Here are some pictures from the past week or so.

I found Pixie dumping the crumbs of her Annie's crackers into Nova's cage.

I swear she gets her sense of humor from me. We were playing with her toys and she just did this on her own.

My nude model. She was trying to run away from me.

This is one of the outfits I won from the giveaway at
We LOVE our organic cotton outfits! Mari from happygreenbee was SO helpful and suggested wonderful outfits from their outlet. Without her information, I would have only been able to get one shirt with my gift card!

I keep going back and forth between fitteds and pockets. Lately I've been loving the fitteds and fleece covers, especially since it's been really warm.

Seriously, am I biased or is she really darn cute?!?

We do this crazy face to each other.

Goofy girl. She took some of my papers and started "skating" on them around the room. At one point she had a piece under each hand. I joined her of course!

This was from a while ago. I was going through some old boxes and found some old dolls. I pulled out my old Strawberry Shortcake Blows Kisses doll. She still is scented! Made in 1982.

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