Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Holidays

So, the much needed update.
Well, the Holidays were just fine. I never got Christmas cards out, but I didn't beat myself up for it.
I got Scott to agree to pitch the idea of drawing names for his family and having a gift exchange. It was a lot less hectic that way! We didn't get his whole family together, but we met with most of them on Christmas Eve. The others were postponed until after Christmas and New Year's were over. I got Pixie only one or two things, but her Aunt Amy and Uncle Michael came to the rescue and played Santa. We got tons of gifts for her in the mail! It was awesome. Here are a few pictures of her first Christmas.

I look like I just woke up. Hey! I did!

We went to my Mom and Dad's house in the late morning.

I needed and wanted these cooking utensils so badly! They are the best, time tested quality.

Pixie hanging out with Grandpa.

After Becca and her family got there..things started to get a little silly. Scott missed the fun, he had to work at 6pm, but got holiday pay! Wahoo!

It was a great season. We weren't planning on doing anything for New Year's Eve really, but we ended up going and visiting Kizzie at her parent's house. We stayed until 11pm after Pixie had a power nap, but we couldn't hack it! So, we went home, let out Becca's dog for her (they were out of town) and walked in the door as it was turning 12am. I put Pixie down, we didn't look at any clocks (we can freeze time that way!), and I grabbed a bottle of sparkling burgundy and we drank it right out of the bottle. We had our own little celebration and then went to bed. It was one of the best New Year's Eves I've probably ever had!


She's in the kitchen! said...
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She's in the kitchen! said...

What a wonderful end to an uneventful Sunday to read this latest version of Life With The Robison's! I can't believe Perrin is the same dog that was here not long ago...he is h-u-u-u-ge! Tales of Scarlett always make us smile!

Rebecca said...

It looks like you're holding a cleaver instead of a spatula.

That was a fun day!

Scarlett has the cutest baby smiles ever!