Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cute Things

A funny thing happened today. I had Pixie in her exersaucer in the kitchen while I was making lunch. She was being so good that we left her in there (we could see her through the doorway) while we ate at the table. Afterward, I went in there, picked up her bottle and said "boogity" to the side of her head. The poor baby didn't wail like she usually does when she's scared...and turned to me and screamed "AH!", with terror in her eyes. I felt so bad and hugged her, but it was so funny because it seemed like a grownup thing to do! She sounded exactly like Scott when he's scared or surprised!

Here are some pictures of the cute things in our lives...

This shirt is adorable, but I think it's going to be outgrown even before Valentine's Day. It was the largest size they had at the One Spot in Target. She doesn't suck on pacifiers..she thinks they are funny and plays with them. And there is nothing on the whisk. I haven't given her any desserts yet! That baby doll is one that my Mom gave to her. It squeaks and she carries it everywhere with her. And yes, that is my overdue laundry in the background!
She probably looks like a boy in this outfit, but hey, it's warm! She crawled over and found an Xbox controller. What is it with babies and electronics? By the way, she only crawls backwards, rolls, and does planks. Nuts, right? It's funny when she backs herself under the futon and can't move. She can maneuver herself easily to electric cords. AH!

Because of the space issue, I decided to store the nice highchair Becca gave me until we get a bigger house. So, I bought a space saver one. I thought there was only one around here, but my Mom did some research and found that there were more in the booster seat area that doubled as both. So, instead of the $50 one, I got this one for under $25 and it's a lot more portable. It's Fisher Price too. I love it!

Remember Perrin? How did he go from this:

to this...

And being tiny next to Nova...

to being..well..see for yourself..

He was such an adorable puppy! I took him to be neutered almost two weeks ago and he was 34 lbs. He was 6 lbs when we got him! He grows at the rate of 2-4lbs a week...and he is only about 5 months old. He is doing extremely well with house training, only has an accident once in a while, and he has a very deep bark and barks at anyone who approaches the house (we're working on this). It'll be wonderful to have him to protect me the 3 nights a week that Scott's working!


Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

The dogs are cute, (especially "morphing Perrin") but Pixie is so much cuter!