Monday, November 10, 2008


Throughout the week there are things that happen that I want to blog about. I usually don't until I find one block of time to post everything I want to. Here's a little update.

~Pixie is 7 months old~

Last week I found a tooth that has poked through on the bottom of her mouth and the one next to it is coming through also.
She waved to me in a checkout line for the first time and then to a stranger right after that.
She has learned how to give raspberries. Thankfully she hasn't learned how to do it with food in her mouth yet!
People in church say that Pixie is so good and quiet. What they don't know is that I take her out before she screams, hold her in the mother's lounge so she can nap, bring an arsenal of toys, and that she would freak out if I didn't change her position every two minutes or if I turned my back on her!
She's been especially cranky lately. Today I was feeding her just after she took a nap and changed her..and gave her teething tablets. She screamed through her feeding on and off. I realized a good way to get her to be happy though...she loves the camera! I had to pop it up really quick to get a shot of her being fussy.

Like the beach towel? I got the high chair from Becca and she swears I took the cover...I can't find it for the life of me!
This next picture is right after she realized the camera was on her. Stinker!

~My Maid~

A little while ago Scott told me that he found a Christmas gift for me. He was under the impression that Christmas was only a month away, so when I informed him it was two, he said he couldn't wait that long! I came home on November 1st late at night after making an ice cream and pizza run for him and his brothers that were visiting. As I walked up to the door all the lights were shut off until I got in. And there was my very own portable dishwasher!
I have been plugging for one for a while. I didn't think I would get one because new they're up to $600 and used they're normally about $100-$150 and things have been pretty tight lately.
It's a few years old, but works amazingly well! I LOVE IT! It saves me so much time and effort.
Scott said he found it at a garage sale where this older lady had redone her kitchen and they had only $25 on it! Here's the kicker though...he only had $18 and they took it! Wahoo!
Amazing huh?


Our puppy has a name now, Perrin. Those of you who have read "The Wheel of Time" series will know what it's from. If not, Perrin is a character in the books who is big, strong, has golden eyes, and is connected to wolves. Plus, he's my favorite.
Little Perrin has filled out more, but is still small.

This is him in trouble after digging in my indoor herb garden.

He takes it upon himself to use any of Pixie's accessories as his own.

He's such a love.


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More, more pictures! I love them! That little squirt...Grandma will have to get her a camera of her own someday!

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