Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Music Professor!

Becca posted some of her favorite songs and I thought I would too!
She has some of the same favorites as I do, like Regina Spektor.
Of course there are so many I like, but here are my favs for now!

Jason Mraz. I love him! My kind of word smith. He's been one of my favorites ever since I hear his first big cd. He and Jack Johnson just have this easy breezy feel that I love!
This is his latest song that I can't get enough of!

"I'm Yours"

I wasn't expecting to like Natasha Bedingfield as much as I do after her song "Unwritten", but I love this song and "Single".

"How Do You Do"

Okay, this cd from Maroon 5 has been my favorite cd for like 4 years..along with Rob Thomas. Need I say more?
The video part of this isn't the best, but this song doesn't have any bad words and it's shows the slower music from the band.

"I Won't Go Home Without You"

Maybe I'll forever have some of the musical tastes of a teenager...at least in this time. I love Fall out Boy and Pink. Yes, I'm a bit punkish!

"Dance, Dance"

Oh...so so so many more! Old stuff like Elvis and "At Last" by Etta James.
Here is one from the Bangles for good measure!

"Hazy Shade of Winter"

Since the Holidays are upon us, on The Grinch who Stole Christmas soundtrack, there is this song by Ben Folds called "Lonely Christmas Eve".
My favorite non-traditional Christmas cd is "Barenaked for the Holidays" by Barenaked Ladies. In church we just call them "BNL" :)

"Elf's Lament"


Rebecca said...

I love these too! I almost put "I'm Yours" on mine except I remembered that he says the thing beavers build in it.

She's in the kitchen! said...

Well, well, more music to my ears! I look forward to hearing some more interesting music! You and Rebecca are filling up my evening! I have tons of clean-up here in the kitchen...guess I will be dancing around like a fool!

alyysa said...
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